"I don’t consider EverString as a vendor, but a valued partner...."
Jeremy Bromwell
Vice President of Marketing
"With EverString, we’re able to understand which segments and which types of companies where we’ll be..."
Peter Herbert
Vice President of Marketing
"The impact that EverString has had on closed business and the ability of marketing to sit at the reve..."
Steve Susina
Marketing Director
"EverString is a key technology in our marketing tech stack and is one of the critical drivers behind..."
Maria Pergolino
Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales Development
"After the first time we selected target accounts, we knew we had to find a data-driven approach and t..."
Kristen Wendel
Director of Marketing Operations
"We were up and running with EverString in a matter of days. It was an incredibly fast and easy proces..."
Leah Grosky
Director of Digital Marketing
"EverString helps us prioritize our sales and marketing efforts around the right accounts. Today, Ever..."
Kevin O'Malley
Vice President of Marketing
"EverString will give us more time to work more opportunities, and higher close rates and average deal..."
Josh Schwartz
Director of Sales
"EverString will help prioritize where our account reps are spending their time...."
Griffin Kilber
Sales Enablement Manager
"EverString has been able to transform how we do business and how we look at our business going forwar..."
Daniel Day
Director, Account Based Marketing
"I think there are a lot of creative ways to use EverString, and it’s exciting to do so. I’m able to s..."
Rob Anderson
Manager of Outbound Business Development
"EverString took the leg work out of building an account-based strategy...."
Amir Shobeiri
Account Director
"Data is a foundational element of the LeadMD buyer-centric revenue process. EverString has been key t..."
Justin Gray
Chief Executive Officer
"EverString helped us find the right accounts. If you don’t find the right accounts, you’ll spend the..."
Peter Herbert
Vice President of Marketing

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