"EtQ helps us maintain a high level of reliability by managing our corrective action database...."
Ken Grisso
Senior Quality Specialist
"Home grown quality always suffers credibility issues within the dynamic of a small company. With the..."
Eric Jacobson
Quality Assurance Engineer
"EtQ was the only vendor with a model that involved teaching Epicure how to be the configuration speci..."
Sylvie Rochette
Founder and President
"It is evident that [EtQ makes] it a goal to comply with the voice of their customers because they con..."
August Konie
Vice President of Quality Assurance and Food Safety
"EtQ has been a smashing success for our end users at Fujifilm. We continue to load new users and thei..."
Donna McCracken
FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A.. Inc.
"Greater customer satisfaction is truly the goal of Herman Miller’s strategic thrust, and EtQ is backb..."
Sue Little
Quality Manager
"Manual reports had to be generated 3 times per month, taking 1 hour each to prepare. This time was el..."
Steel Manufacturing Company
VP of EHS Management
"In general, being able to design & configure exactly to user specifications is key to practically eve..."
Metal and Mining Corporation
HSE Director
"EtQ EHS Solution gives us the transparency and tools necessary to track and meet our various deadline..."
Automotive Manufacturing Company
VP of Environmental Management
"The flexibility of EtQ Reliance meant that SUBWAY® was able to configure the system itself and in a w..."
President and CEO
"The implementation of Reliance has allowed us to integrate our safety and incident reporting into the..."
J.D. Pickett
Manager of Quality and Operational Excellence
"The idea was, if we start early and sow the thought that quality is everyone’s responsibility, we cou..."
Randy Domingo
Head of Quality
"ETQ’s strategic move to incorporate regulatory field experts into their teams, has been a great benef..."

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