"Envoy welcomes our visitors with a streamlined sign-in system that's personalized for FitBit's needs...."
Nicole Ligh
Admin Assistant
"Our brand is sleek, modern, and tech-driven, but natural at the same time...."
Adam Edrington
Manager of Office Operations
"Envoy lets us focus on our guests and create that personal, welcoming experience, which is important..."
Cristina Gavin
Office Coordinator
"Envoy was up and running at POPSUGAR’s three offices within days. It’s clear the team at Envoy has th..."
Bjorn Pave
Senior Director of IT
"As soon as we built our new office, I knew we needed Envoy. The service helps us scale operations as..."
Francis Aquino
Workplace Experience Manager
"Keeping track of our visitors is critical for us to maintain compliance. Envoy has become a crucial p..."
Nathan McBride
"Envoy helps reinforce our commitment to member experience and raises the bar in terms of professional..."
Valerie Ives
Branch Manager, Campus Center
"Envoy has made my day. I can now leave our front desk to work on projects around the office, and text..."
Keira Mclntyre
Office Administrator
"We have so many artists and visitors sign in. Envoy is a cool experience for them as it makes them fe..."
Jessica Arnold
Lead Help Center Technician
"We are obsessive about the experiences we create, and that’s why Envoy is critical to us. It’s our op..."
Brent Turner
SVP of Solutions
"I can't say enough good things about Envoy Deliveries. Our package management process has been comple..."
Lilinna Perez
Front Desk Coordinator
"Envoy helps us create a welcoming experience for our candidates and guests. The pre-registration feat..."
Jessica Lee
"First impressions last. Envoy looks professional, and ensures our office does, too...."
Ronan Donagher
IT & Broadcast Technology Manager
"At Aruba, we’re all about providing a modern, high-performance work environment. The moment visitors..."
Alan Ni
Director of Smart Spaces and IoT
"The very act of taking the load off the receptionist to find an employee when they have a visitor has..."
Rick Reid
Office of Customer and Employee Experience
"Every time I talk to someone about Envoy, they mention how sleek it is and how easy the sign-in, sign..."
Lauren Rios
Project Manager, IT

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