"Near real-time was key to us, and Elasticsearch gives us what we need to build that set of features i..."
David Thoumas
Chief Technical Officer
"We were kind of helpless in terms of what would appear for those searches...."
Deanna Horton
Content Manager
"As a CTO, I don't want to spend a lot of time worrying about scaling. Elasticsearch makes it easy to..."
Brad Burke
CTO, Networked Insights
"Some technologies do not translate well in the world of virtualized machines and network drives. But..."
Emmanuel Gueidan
Co- Founder and CTO
"I think many people would be interested to find out how much data we can write per month and how fast..."
Thorsten Rinne
Engineering Team Lead
"The combination of open source software plus running the solution with fewer and smaller servers mean..."
Chris Crawford
Managing Director of Collaboration Applications
"Being a market leader means being a tech leader. Our ability to quickly detect deviations in the manu..."
Jürgen Kerner
Head of Operations, Corporate IT
"An algorithm can only take you so far, and you need that human touch to get really curated results...."
Lizzie Burns
"If a consumer wants something, he or she is going to go to that search bar and ask for it. And they'r..."
Rich Claice
Sr. Principal Architect
"We would raise questions around whether we should create a cluster per data center, whether we could..."
Jagdish Yadav
Software Engineering Director, Global Online Search
"I think it was a good decision to make the change, since I became hopeful that we could make enhancem..."
Eui-young Hwang
EP Operations team, IT Business Department
"Every time we had an issue or anything, it was promptly resolved. It’s great — working with Elastic f..."
Dan King
Documentation Lead
"We wanted to introduce a service that brought our search capability to another level. It had to be se..."
Chip Allen
Senior Manager
"You cannot understand a process if you do not visualize it. I realized that we needed to marry all th..."
Stephan Hampe
"With tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff, university campuses are really like small cit..."
Tom Davis
Founding Director and CISO
"Users are most satisfied with the speed of the system, which allows documents to be searchable almost..."
Jong-chul Kim
Manager EP Operations team, IT Business Department

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