"Beyond enhancing search results, we use Elasticsearch to ensure data quality...."
Francesco Laurita
VP of Engineering
"Influence Health was starting to make some bold moves, innovating very quickly. They had just moved a..."
Nathan Stott
Vice President of Architecture & Operations
"Our developers loved the simplicity of the Elastic Stack and the fact that it just worked...."
Michael Lorant
Senior Systems Engineer
"We were constantly getting emails through our contact page from users who couldn’t find what they wer..."
Michael Santoroski
Director of Web and Software Development Services
"With Found’s hosted Elasticsearch service, HotelTonight is able to personalize and scale out a real-t..."
Sam MacDonnell
Chief Technology Officer
"We used Elasticsearch support during development to help us validate our ideas as well as understand..."
Jerome Gagnon
"Every time we had an issue or anything, it was promptly resolved. It’s great — working with Elastic f..."
Dan King
Documentation Lead
"These systems started to fail. Our telemetry systems started requiring more time to manage than the i..."
Christian Saide
DevOps and Software Engineer
"We’re responsible for keeping everything running, while also building for the future...."
Rob Hill
Head of Operations and Infrastructure
"In the last two years, there’s been a profound change in the way we think about digital publishing. W..."
Damian Cronan
"The CDC, the World Health Organization, Department of Justice, FBI, the UN, all recognize 12 [risk fa..."
Paul Privateer
Founding Director
"This is a big deal for us because we feel like we’re providing better quality service to the user now..."
Dustin Reynolds
Assistant Digital Marketing Director
"These are the guys that built Elasticsearch. This is their bread and butter. This is what they do. Th..."
Henry Pray
Product Manager
"I've been interested in using the tool called Curator. And I just spent 20 minutes with the guy who d..."
Dimitry Polyakovsky
"Better experience to use the Guide (Asana’s internal documentation hub) than to contact support...."
Ryan Pittington
User Operations Lead
"Search is part of the core order flow for Just Eat. It is the main way that consumers find the restau..."
Matthew Jones
Principal Engineer

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