"We went from creating schedules and shifts around employee needs to creating shifts and schedules aro..."
Derek Muench
Director of Transit and Parking
"The PCTA is performing a higher number of passenger trips monthly at a lower cost. Our monthly fuel p..."
Rich Farr
Executive Director
"We consider Ecolane’s support system to be stellar. It has been our experience that responses to issu..."
Paul Price
Transit Operations Support Supervisor
"The Ecolane Project Management & Training was great. Daniel was very organized and shipped the traini..."
Joe Comerford
Executive Director
"We are indebted to Ecolane for the marvelous scheduling and dispatching system. Joe mentioned today t..."
John L. Forbis
Board Treasurer
"The responsiveness from the support staff is so much better than other places that I’ve dealt with. I..."
Mike Davis
Assistant Director of Customer Services
"Our passengers will call and maybe say that the driver was not there. We know they were there. We can..."
Joy Stanforth
Executive Director
"I believe our On-Time performance has really gone up and believe that clients would agree. I feel tha..."
Ryan Hosch
Former Transportation Manager
"The Project Manager is very organized and easy to work with. He provided very good training. It helps..."
Robin Richter
Director, Senior Services and Transportation
"We have been live now with Ecolane for going on 5 years this April. We realized very quickly that we..."
Martin McAvoy
Program Specialist Operations Manager
"Before Ecolane we averaged 1.5 trips per hour, had 24 vehicles and our monthly billings would take we..."
Mark Mills
Transportation Manager
"Ecolane has been the direct link to the improvement of ADA service for our customers. Since our partn..."
Dan Dirks

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