"Billing was complicated before. Now, with eClinicalWorks, it’s streamlined – it’s as easy as surfing..."
Billing Specialist
"Our providers have grown as the Portal has grown. I think it’s been nice that we started when we did,..."
Marie Sanders
Clinical Services Manager
"The thought behind that was if they can send us a message that says, ‘Enter me in the drawing,’ then..."
Janet Turner
Front Office Manager
"I love the Portal, And, more importantly, my medical assistant loves the Portal, and that is a big pa..."
Amy Hayes
Obstetrics and Gynecology Group
"eClinicalWorks made the jobs of our front desk, our PCRs, our scribes, and our physicians and all our..."
Ramu Kannan
Chief Information Officer
"It's very fast, it’s efficient, and it’s thorough, which is very important when we are documenting in..."
Janette Nesheiwat
"And when you go through surges, it’s even more difficult. So now here we have time to greet our patie..."
Tatiana Ardila
Site Manager
"I’m able to save a lot of money, not having to spend so much on scribes. But more importantly, when t..."
Robert Paul Fischer
Senior Partner
"You’re getting information that the patient already had in the hospital setting. They may not have re..."
Darla Turquette
Practice Administrator
"eClinicalWorks is, in my experience, one of the most robust EHRs I’ve ever dealt with. It’s one of th..."
Joanne Turner
Clinical Director
"eClinicalWorks is user friendly, It’s easy for new providers who come on to learn how to use the syst..."
Prasanthi Reddy
"We looked at every other platform and we chose eClinicalWorks because we felt that it could offer the..."
Robert G. Graw
"It was a good move to switch. Our old program didn’t have the robust features that we have in eClinic..."
Frank Maselli
Founding Partner
"We talk to them, guide them on things they can do to bring their A1C down. And patients are happy to..."
Ethel Gomez
Medical Assistant
"We felt that in a private practice where we have more autonomy and process changes, we could really t..."
Christopher Dehlin
"So, 2:30 in the morning, 10 o’clock at night, whenever they think about something, or if their kid ha..."
Alyssa Pearson
Front Office Supervisor

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