"Dynatrace’s unique ability to test from the last mile perspective provides a critical view for our or..."
Ashley Van Amstel
IT Manager
"With Dynatrace PurePath Technology® we can trace transactions and quickly identify where performance..."
Anders Essblad
Thomas Cook
"Using Dynatrace, we have seen a massive reduction in problem diagnostic time, from days down to minut..."
Adam Skinner
"With Dynatrace’s Davis, it’s like having multiple additional analysts on your team. Since we’ve imple..."
Mark Forrester
Digital Application Support Manager
"We choose Dynatrace because it was very easy and straightforward to deploy, and integrates seamlessly..."
Nestor Zapata
Lead Web Systems Administrator
"When systems are down, that’s costing us money, and can also impact whether or not a customer will re..."
Björn Eriksson
Quality Assurance Manager
"Dynatrace Application Performance Monitoring is compatible across numerous systems making it easy to..."
Gauraav Thakar
Head of Marketing
"And the highlight is, that the specialized departments and IT set the KPIs and threshold values for t..."
Jürgen Rössler
Director of Information Systems
"Now, it is the customer’s experience that defines whether everything is running smoothly. And we are..."
Nils Rubi
IT-Service Management Professional
"With Dynatrace, we have significantly reduced the time spent on resolving these issues and this has g..."
Asis Unyapoth
Director of Application Development and Management Department
"Our customers trust us and depend on our database to perform at a certain level. With Dynatrace Ruxit..."
John Robinson
IT Architect
"With Dynatrace, not only are we monitoring our entire cloud stack, we’re also using the AI to help us..."
"The Dynatrace AI has completely changed what I have to focus on. I don't do anything like incident ma..."
Jay Cotton
Performance Engineer Lead
"As an online retailer, website and mobile performance is critical to us because it directly correlate..."
"Now that SJH is using Dynatrace, we are able to see trends on the user experience with our applicatio..."
Michael Vevik
Data Center Manager
"The power to be able to actually look at specific orders and dig down to who actually purchased the o..."
Richard Dominguez
Developer in Operations

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