"Not only were we most impressed with the Dynamic Signal product, but the service has been outstanding..."
Jeff Ross
Online Community Strategist/Manager
"Dynamic Signal’s Employee Advocacy solution empowers over 1,000 Comscore employees to be brand advoca..."
Serge Matta
"Our employees are committed and very passionate about Air Canada. We were looking for a platform that..."
Duncan Bureau
Vice President, Global Sales
"Digital and mobile ads are often viewed as intrusive and low quality, which is why people click away..."
David Armano
Global Strategy Director
"Storytelling is in our DNA. Dynamic Signal enables us to share the content and inspiring stories behi..."
Claudia Micare
Director Contributor Relations
"At Spigit, we believe that a company's most important resource is its people. We have awesome employe..."
Arwen Heredi
Content & Communications Manager
"Your employees can be your brand's best advocates — provided you give them the tools they need to suc..."
Alexa Schirtzinger
Director, Content Marketing
"The training has been really good and very collaborative. It was impressive that Dynamic Signal tried..."
Dennis Owen
Manager, Brand
"Our new Employee Advocacy program, powered through Dynamic Signal, has started to change the way we c..."
Roderick Strother
Director, Digital And Social Centre Of Excellence
"In order to move from being a social brand to a truly social business we had to enable and motivate o..."
Kristian Lorenzon
Head Of Social Media
"We used Dynamic Signal to drive more employee engagement for marketing campaigns and it resulted in a..."
Julie Kehoe
VP Communications
"Employees are already talking about our company with their family & friends. We created a platform th..."
Andrew Cutler
Internal Communications Manager
"I love seeing our employees having fun doing something that also contributes to our marketing program..."
Kai Yen
Managing Director & CTO
"We drove 50,000 new registrations on IBM Verse in the first 2 weeks of the launch - a lot of that due..."
Amber Armstrong
Marketing Social Business Program Director
"We looked at everybody in the landscape, took a deep dive into product capabilities. Dynamic Signal r..."
Marcy Massuras
VP / Nyc Practice Lead
"We embrace the rise of our employees as influencers and channel this through Dynamic Signal. There is..."
Manon Pulles
Senior Communications Specialist

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