"Our customers demand excellence form us. Working with Dynamic Yield helpd us deliver a truly personal..."
Niels Tonsen
"We are running hundreds of personalization and optimization campaigns at any given time...."
Benjamin Ludigs
CRO, Lamoda
"Dynamic Yield empowers us to apply our insight to a data-driven merchandising strategy. The ability t..."
Doug Hall
Director of Marketing
"With Dynamic Yield we can make changes in a day, in an hour, that our team controls. We can test it,..."
Colby Dennison
VP Marketing
"Over time, we have combined the effect of multiple winning changes from experiments to demonstrate th..."
Monis Usman
Head of Marketing
"As a career portal, giving the right users the right content, at the right time is the very core of o..."
Gijs Verheijke
"Personalizing our homepage for each visitor and serving hyper-targeted recommendations with Dynamic Y..."
Noah Goldberg
eCommerce Director
"As soon as I saw Dynamic Yield, I was excited by the possibility to leverage the platform to grow and..."
David Lindsey
Chief Digital Officer
"With a few clicks, it's quick and easy to build and deploy personalization, product recommendations a..."
Valter Rolda
Marketing Tech
"Our non-technical eCommerce Manager is able to launch experiments on her own on a daily basis...."
Megan Whitman
Chief Digital Officer
"When we built audiences inside of Dynamic Yield, we didn't go with the recommended 20 or 30, we made..."
Emily Bollman
Digital Marketing Manager
"With Dynamic Yield, we can execute at a much faster rate. It's a far superior and easier way to do pe..."
Leonard Ng
Digital & Product Manager
"We chose Dynamic Yield because of the ability to use one platform across multiple touchpoints with th..."
Ishita Sharma
Senior Manager - Big Data
"Serving the right content to the right user is table stakes in eCommerce now, particularly for luxury..."
Nicola Antonelli
Web Project Manager
"In just one month, Dynamic Yield covered the cost of what we paid for it...."
Nick Connor
eCommerce Manager
"With Dynamic Yield, we can easily personalize content across our website to delight users and drive m..."
Boris Kimelman
Internet Department

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