"Now that we're with DX1, the integration between all departments has been tenfold...."
Jason Dearchs
Assistant General Manager
"Having DX1 customer service to back me up is making my life easier...."
Kirk Allen
General Manager
"You're doing 90% of your daily tasks in one location instead of going from one application to another..."
Graham Marcus
Owner / General Manager
"With our previous software supplier, we were stuck in 1987 going nowhere...."
Darren McCollum
Parts Manager/IT Manager
"When I did the math on what I’d be paying a guy each week versus the DX1 monthly cost, it’s a no brai..."
Gary Phillips
Sales Manager
"As an owner it’s so critical to have an overall feel of the business...."
Bart Hicklin
"Pen and paper became very cumbersome. We knew we had to make a change. DX1 is the way to go...."
Jeff Parent
Managing Partner
"I always wanted to have a job where I could be playing and making money while I'm doing it. DX1 helps..."
Jeff Barbarick
"Before DX1, we had twelve to fourteen different systems we were running at any one time...."
Shaun Jackrel
Dealer Principal
"In this industry, we have to change. We have to come up with innovative ways to make a difference and..."
Mike Duclos
Dealer Principal
"I would describe DX1 as a full-blown backbone of your powersports business...."
John Hill
Dealer Principal
"DX1 was an important factor for me deciding to take on a second location...."
Monty Hendrix
Owner/Dealer Principal
"There are basically two ways to improve your bottom line. Cut expenses or boost sales. DX1 does both...."
Chad Deutsch
Dealer Principal
"I've often looked at DX1 and thought, 'I'd love to have something like this for our other business as..."
Monty Hendrix

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