"We chose DrFirst for controlled substance e-prescribing based on its industry-leading expertise, its..."
Mark Janiszewski
Product Management Executive
"We’ve already experienced a positive impact on the coordination of patient care through improved comm..."
Carrie Main
Director of Health Information Systems
"The partnership enabled us to certify our EMR on time and on budget. DrFirst pre-certified us with Su..."
Jeffrey Carlin
Chief Operations Officer
"My small pharmacy department was tasked to the point that we could not enhance the strings that exist..."
Sondra Donald
Pharmacy Director
"Since implementing MedHx, we have completely changed our process for acquiring medication history. No..."
Sandra Luffman
Point of Care Coordinator
"It’s a little thing that’s not such a little thing. Using secure communication to keep our patients..."
Rick Simpson
Clinical Applications Manager
"Our receptionist loves Akario Backline. She spends less time trying to get in touch with people to re..."
Shawn Flaugher
Business Manager
"With DrFirst’s Rcopia, hit the trifecta E-prescribing improved patient care. It made the physician’s..."
Lori Kostoff
Pharm.D-Executive Director
"With patient admissions of 4,666 in 2012, according to Billians HealthData, the resulting time saving..."
Kristen Lorenzo
Administrative Network
"We were able to go to their offices and do hands-on training...."
Jamie Kopiczko
Administrative Network
"We have completely changed our process for acquiring medication history. Now our ER nurses complete t..."
Sandra Luffman
Point of Care Coordinator
"It has been invaluable for management, as staff have become more familiar with each other and gained..."
David Hensley
Business Office Manager
"We had a hodgepodge of data but no consistency or clarity, It was a huge waste of time and burned thr..."
Robert Hogue
Senior Project Manager
"With the upcoming I-STOP e-prescribing deadline, our members looked to MSSNY to help provide informat..."
Andrew Kleinman MD
"MedHx gives us more than just drug information, we get a more complete clinical picture of the patien..."
Theresa Reynolds
Director of Clinical Inpatient
"We would not be able to do our jobs as well without the MedHx application, which has become an indisp..."
Kristi Letner
Pharmacy Technician

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