"We can review more patients and provide written medication histories in a shorter period of time by r..."
Blythe Steele
Pharmacy Clinical Manager/Residency Director
"As an industry, we’ve never had an efficient and effective tool that would allow us to communicate s..."
Kyri Isaac
Former Chief Privacy Officer
"During Hurricane Michael, an elderly lady came into our ER. Fortunately she didn’t have any acute iss..."
Warren Bailey
Director of Pharmacy
"We would not be able to do our jobs as well without the MedHx application, which has become an indisp..."
Kristi Letner
Pharmacy Technician
"We were very happy with the ease of implementing MedHx℠ and how quickly DrFirst was able to get every..."
Erin Lewis
Pharmacy Informatics
"We had a hodgepodge of data but no consistency or clarity, It was a huge waste of time and burned thr..."
Robert Hogue
Senior Project Manager
"Package sizes are never known by physicians, This is a huge gain with the DrFirst SmartStrings...."
Kim Jundt
Chief Medical Information Oficer
"We feel very comfortable working with DrFirst to implement Backline. They readily understood our hosp..."
Jesus Cambrelen
Administrative Director, Emergency Department
"Real-time notifications offer the opportunity for real-time solutions, keeping our patient’s safety a..."
Steve Deluca
Chief Risk Officer
"If DrFirst can determine that the SIG that was parsed is very reliable, it will go and plug it in and..."
Jacob Thiesse
Pharmacy Informatics Coordinator
"It was a time-consuming process and not efficient for us. We felt like our current technology, that w..."
Cynthia Gary
Pharmacist and Adjunct Faculty
"With the upcoming I-STOP e-prescribing deadline, our members looked to MSSNY to help provide informat..."
Andrew Kleinman MD
"The outcome was definitive: MedHx was the superior solution. We had better match rates and DrFirst’s..."
Tyson Thornton
Director of Pharmacy
"With patient admissions of 4,666 in 2012, according to Billians HealthData, the resulting time saving..."
Kristen Lorenzo
Administrative Network
"We were able to go to their offices and do hands-on training...."
Jamie Kopiczko
Administrative Network
"I was nervous because we had done other vendor implementations within MEDITECH, but I was very please..."
Sondra Donald
PharmD, Pharmacy Director

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