"A simple implementation and seamless user experience.Domo is finally big data for the people...."
Ian Johnson
Project Delivery Manager, Torpedo7
"We're now able to visualize our strengths and weaknesses, which provides the all-important ability to..."
Duane Heady
EVP & COO, Imperial Management Corporation
"We’re using Domo to help with almost every function across the entire organization. Thanks for making..."
Mike Malone
Chief Technology Officer
"Before Domo, we had no way to see how each part of our business affected each other. I felt like a CE..."
Jeff Kearl
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
"Operationally, our data lives within many different sources like NetSuite, Salesforce and Google Driv..."
Haran Sold
Chief Operating Officer
"Domo has allowed us to combine Salesforce and our own data from Google Sheets. Anything is possible a..."
Rosanne Broersma
Field Operations Manager
"Our data points were all over the place. At the executive level, we wanted a centralized place to be..."
Chris O’Meara
"I am able to go in front of our board and do a five minute report that in the past would have taken f..."
Gary Christensen
Chief Financial Officer
"I’m able to make intelligent marketing and advertising projections because of the ability to look acr..."
Suzy Broadbent
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
"The ability to share data within Buzz is a game changer. Previously, I would send emails with screens..."
Josh Firestone
Executive Director of Sales
"In order to send daily reports on company performance to our external stakeholders I basically had to..."
Szymon Laczny
Sr. Manager, Business Planning & Analytics
"As a retailer we’re often reliant on performance-based lines of credit. Now we can track performance..."
Brian Shea
Vice President Finance
"Using Domo, we’ve been able to improve the speed to market with our external client partners for cont..."
Andre Torres
Manager, Digital Shelf Production & Global e-Commerce
"I did a dollars and cents analysis of the value that we could derive from Domo and it was a significa..."
Jeffrey Reese
Director of Sales and Marketing Automation
"Mortgage companies are doing billions of dollars in loans a year and they need to know rates, pricing..."
Academy Mortgage Corporation
"We are the revolution now. We didn’t want to use the other solutions because it’s the same way restau..."
Bll Valentas
Vice President of Finance

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