"With DocSend, going in to a presentation you're not thinking about the tools, you're thinking about t..."
Mark Evans
National Sales
"The team uses a variety of pitchbooks, presentation decks, and models. DocSend allows us to stay orga..."
Claudia Han
"Sharing our customized deal rooms with DocSend Spaces makes our team look as professional as it is, a..."
Julio Acosta
Sales Engagement Lead
"DocSend is an easy and effective way to share different decks with multiple investors, all in one pla..."
Karim Fattal
Chief Operating Officer
"We send dozens of documents back and forth to clients, incorporating their feedback before launching..."
Samantha Silberberg
Senior Marketing Producer
"We are mindful of where our information goes and who has access to it. We are also interested in how..."
Rob Schoenthaler
Chief Executive Officer
"With DocSend, we've been able to find new ways to add value to our revenue funnel...."
Nick Budincich
Lead Revenue Intelligence Analyst
"Being able to update after hitting send has been a major benefit. Before DocSend, version control was..."
Joseph White
Director, Revenue Operations
"DocSend 's analytics and notification give us a clear sense of which deals are most likely to close...."
Chelsea Holt
Account Director
"DocSend has changed the way managers in the alternative investments industry use their pitchbooks...."
Alan Chu
APAC Marketing Manager
"DocSend is awesome. We use it whenever we send out marketing or BD docs, and recommend the product to..."
Halle Tecco
Co-Founder & CEO
"It's amazing to be able to update content on the backend and allow our customers to continue using th..."
Ian Goldberg
Partner Development Specialist
"It’s extremely helpful to know that clients are looking at a proposal for a second or third time righ..."
Linda Dowdall
Sales Enablement Marketing Manager
"DocSend Spaces are integral to my organization's sales process. It's the one-stop shop where reps can..."
Pete Kazanjy
"Using DocSend is a great way to have control. We can be much more open with our proprietary informati..."
Adam Marchick
CEO, Kahuna
"Our collateral drives the conversation; DocSend drives our prioritization. The instant notifications..."
Mac Means

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