"Datanyze gives our sales team an insanely fast, data-driven way to source new accounts, expand our ad..."
Erik Ducker
Demand Generation
"Using Datanyze, my SDRs can now prospect 20 accounts in 3 hours BOOM...."
Mark Kosoglow
VP of Sales
"In Q4 2014, Captora generated $5.5M in outbound sales pipeline from accounts that were sourced throug..."
Steve Dodsworth
Director of Sales Development
"Context and timing are crucial to sales success. Knowing when prospects are evaluating providers in o..."
Ray Carroll
Vice President of Sales
"We hit 2X of our quota in closed/won bookings during the first full quarter using Datanyze it’s been..."
Charley Dehoney
Vice President of Sales
"Datanyze is the first step you should take as part of an ABM and Demand Gen model. You’re flying blin..."
Charlie Liang
Director Of Marketing
"Datanyze has given us visibility into the data we need to improve lead scoring, refine our ABM strate..."
Hana Abaza
Vice President of Sales
"During the first sales demo using Datanyze, the sales team was blown away by how easy it was to prosp..."
Austin DeAngelis
Dir. of Sales and Business Development
"When we build a campaign from Datanyze data we know we are reaching actual would-be users of our serv..."
Amanda Hundt
Director of Marketing
"Using Datanyze, we can uncover the right companies, and filter them by tech stack, Alexa rank, revenu..."
Chris Rising
Vice President of Customer Acquisition & Engagement
"Like investments, sales is all about context and timing. When I saw what Datanyze was doing with tech..."
Mark Cuban
Billionaire entrepreneur, Owner
"Datanyze data has helped our sales reps quickly qualify inbound prospects and convert at a higher rat..."
Sara Davidson
Marketing Operations
"We all love Datanyze! The entire sales and marketing team uses the platform daily to target the right..."
Josh Delisle
VP of Sales
"We were able to identify the top 20% of accounts most likely to convert, making it easy for sales to..."
Peter Mollins
Vice President of Marketing
"We started running outbound email campaigns using Datanyze technology data back in June. By September..."
Melissa Wagner
Marketing Programs Manager
"Datanyze does a great job of finding the installed technologies. The ability to filter by revenue ran..."
Jeanette English
Senior Data Analyst

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