"One of the biggest benefits to using CrownPeak is that I never worry about upgrading, or whether my C..."
Vince Burton
Vice President
"If you have a large, complex website, you need a tool like DQM. It's not possible to operate it optim..."
Christopher Marin
Dir. of Digital Marketing Ecosystem & Analytics
"The SaaS delivery model has been a significant development in the Web Content Management space, and C..."
Frank Gilbane
"Crownpeak has provided us a platform which we can deploy sites quickly, efficiently, and cost effecti..."
Ronald Mintz
IT Professional
"DQM is a huge help, and it’s a really easy product to use. It’s very quick to make changes. That’s be..."
Andrea Gold
Global Web Manager
"The professionalism of our site has really improved. DQM enables us to set quality standards for all..."
Lisa Hayward
Head of Website Management
"We did not have the time or resources to pull a content management solution together internally so Cr..."
Dave Beckwith
Senior Director of Skype Global Web Stores
"And it's the small things that count. For example, we have a policy of never using ampersands in our..."
Max Duley
Web Managers
"We're extraordinarily pleased with our new Web content management process and how CrownPeak has helpe..."
Deb O'Connor
Vice President Marketing
"Standardizing on CrownPeak allowed us to modernize our global brand and bring sites to market faster..."
Global Pharmaceutical
Vp marketing
"The SaaS Web content management market has a lot of momentum, and CrownPeak is the clear leader in th..."
Anthony Bettencourt
Presdient and CEO
"CrownPeak did an excellent job of listening to our requirements, paying attention to all the details..."
International Pharmaceutical Company
VP Digital Marketing
"We chose CrownPeak because we felt their SaaS business model reduced risk and ensured that we had a t..."
Marketing Manager
"Quality assurance can be very difficult if you have to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Becaus..."
Johannah Bailey
Programme Director, Global Communications - External Channels

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