"These telemarketing firms would send us any warm bodies who didn’t even know why we were calling to f..."
Michael Yallech
Head of Sales
"I would recommend ConnectLeader for any business development rep because the whole purpose of a busin..."
Jeremy Gentel
Business Development Representative
"Every salesperson has 4 one-hour sessions every week [using Team Dialer]. Accounts that are the close..."
Randy Ambrosy
Eagle Point Software
"We have generally relied on our telemarketers to secure appointments. Historically, we’ve had real ch..."
Chad Davis
Vice President of Marketing
"We asked ourselves. ‘How do we want our sales team to spend the majority of their time?’ Entry level..."
Kim Brown
Director of Sales Development & Operations
"Having tools that multiply the amount of quality connections and intro sales conversations by 3, 4, 5..."
Tim Marinello
Vice President & GM of Sales
"ConnectLeader and HG Data are aligned in our goal to provide sales tools that will optimize the B2B s..."
Mark Godley
Chief Revenue Officer
"Remote Coach has been very effective for us in coaching our sales team. Our head of sales will often..."
James Tenner
President & Chief Executive Officer
"Our vendors have been blown away by the fact that we can reach out and touch so many prospects in a t..."
Chuck Mosca
Sales Consultant

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