"Configure One has enabled our manufacturing reps to reduce the time needed to produce a quote by 75%..."
"The first step was to develop a proof of concept, We gave Configure One the data on one of our popula..."
"Not only is Configure One a really good fit for our company, but it is also easy to use and maintain...."
"Configure One really understood our needs and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of how to configure..."
"We were looking for a company with a good reputation and a track record of successful implementations..."
"Before Configure One, it would have been impossible to allow our customers to use the configurator. W..."
"Configure One has increased sales and removed bottlenecks by allowing our users from more than 40 dif..."
"If you buy an ERP system, you are going to have to adjust your business, eventually if not immediatel..."
"The sales rep would either call in the order via telephone or send an email to the customer service d..."
"The people we met from Configure One were extremely helpful and very service-oriented. But in the end..."
"Configure One can do not only what we had in mind, but also things we hadn’t thought of...."
"Configure One has made us more competitive, because we now operate 24/7. This has translated into a h..."
"With Configure One’s Connect module and their integration expertise, we were able setup a complete an..."
"We needed to improve our customer service, especially our ability to respond back to the customer wit..."
"The quotation process required a lot of knowledge by our sales team, It was hard to tell what size ca..."
"We were thoroughly impressed with Configure One. Everything that was demonstrated during the sales pr..."

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