"All of our sellers look professional and cutting edge. If a client pulls you in a million different d..."
Megan Malone
Digital Director, Summit
"Our salespeople are better because of ClearSlide. They are more effective in helping our customers an..."
Brent Rasmussen
"Throughout our engagement, the customer service, support, and ongoing training have exceeded our expe..."
Audrey MacIsaac
VP Business Operations
"ClearSlide finally gave us a good way to show our meeting space site from our office. Live pitch elim..."
Brian Atchison
Assistant Director of Sales, Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
"ClearSlide is quick, simple and fast. The customer is just clicking right on a link and it immediatel..."
Rob Dettelbach
Break Media
"We use ClearSlide to get our customers excited about using Shoutlet and show them how they should be..."
Tarik Hart
Vice President, Customer Experience
"I absolutely love the email pitch for proposals. My team and I can get feedback on where we stand wit..."
Vice President, Inside Sales
"Since using ClearSlide, Webex and goToMeetings are completely out of the picture!..."
Alvaro Ortega
Director, Business Development
"You need this product. ClearSlide will help you in ways you haven't thought of yet...."
Gilbert Jibaja
Application Manager
"Using ClearSlide Analytics, AEs have insight into whether buyers are looking at the content being sha..."
Joseph Dressler
Senior Vice President
"ClearSlide takes the guesswork out of interacting with clients. Meetings are started easily and seaml..."
Dan Hodges
President, ChaCha
"ClearSlide offers a level of sophistication, we went from the Flintstones to the Jetsons...."
Korey Wrobleski
CRO, AllOver Media
"I’ve done it my way for so many years, and now ClearSlide has changed all of that...."
Suzanne Meyns
Senior Membership Adviser
"We strongly feel ClearSlide increases conversion by as much as 10-15%. Agents will regularly tell me..."
Dorgam Hideib
Vice President
"Clearslide has helped me engage more with my clients and I have been closing more sales because of it..."
Neil Almeida
Sales Specialist
"ClearSlide provides our digital sales organization with a unique tool for communicating our pitch and..."
Scott Schiller
Comcast Interactive Media

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