"With Clarizen, monthly, status and time updates from our staff have gone from almost none, to an aver..."
Sean Woods
PMP, Project Manager II
"The platform and social collaboration functionality enables our project team members to interact in r..."
Jeff Smargon
Director of Project Management
"Before Clarizen, the average development time for a project spanned between four to seven months, dep..."
Peter Van Der Vlugt
R&D Manager
"Clarizen has empowered the Ingenia Group by making everyone accountable for their work. Using it has..."
Miguel de Olarte
Web Project Director
"We’ve measured productivity before using the tool and we’ve measured it afterwards, and we’ve seen a..."
Mark Webb
Group VP of Worldwide Project Management
"It was taking my boss nearly a full day to prepare for some meetings — now it is done in minutes...."
Phil Smith
Project Analyst
"I love Clarizen. It’s working really, really well. I have department heads coming to me now saying,..."
Leslie Hanson
Director, Information Technology
"Clarizen’s structure has been easy to adapt to our needs. We have the ability to record every collabo..."
Helgi Gunnar Vignisson
GEG Director of Program Planning and Quality
"The main benefit of Clarizen is that it helps our people manage their workload more efficiently so th..."
Matt Hill
Chief Strategy Officer
"We selected Clarizen to be our PPM solution so that we could really drive change within our organizat..."
Tom Leonard
Director of IT
"Based on our evaluations, we came to the conclusion that Clarizen was the best solution for us. It wa..."
Joeri Pavlovic
Director Projects & Programs
"My goal is to have high quality, profitable projects in the innovation pipeline. Clarizen helps us to..."
Sandra Klein Nagelvoort
R&D Program Manager
"We’re at a state now where we have pretty much all of what we wanted in terms of project management w..."
John Bowe
Program Manager
"We needed a project management solution that was robust, something that would be more inclusive of al..."
Sam Dawe
Operations Manager
"Clarizen gives us a good framework on which to hang all the information we have on projects...."
Tracy Warner
Senior Programme Support Officer
"We are clearly able to monitor time more efficiently and that is going to be a major change of our ph..."
Brian Grainger
ICT Service Manager

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