"Since we started working with Clarizen, we have enjoyed a clear monetary benefit, thanks to the abili..."
Allan Tan
Co-founder and Managing Director
"Clarizen helps us automate our project portfolio management to let us quickly scale our consulting te..."
Tim Smith
VP of Consulting
"We weren’t getting accurate time logs. In fact, time tracking was so overwhelming that some people we..."
Kristan Baker
Operations Analyst
"With Clarizen, monthly, status and time updates from our staff have gone from almost none, to an aver..."
Sean Woods
PMP, Project Manager II
"With 10,000 requests per year, Clarizen saved us thousands of hours per year...."
Chris Carpenter
Senior Planning Analyst
"As we went on this journey to increase project collaboration and improve efficiency, we engaged sever..."
Nils Hempler
Head of Innovation
"It was taking my boss nearly a full day to prepare for some meetings — now it is done in minutes...."
Phil Smith
Project Analyst
"Based on our evaluations, we came to the conclusion that Clarizen was the best solution for us. It wa..."
Joeri Pavlovic
Director Projects & Programs
"Well, I have lived in Southern California most of my life and attended college at the University of C..."
Scott Yannich
SVP, Enterprise Operations
"We’re at a state now where we have pretty much all of what we wanted in terms of project management w..."
John Bowe
Program Manager
"My goal is to have high quality, profitable projects in the innovation pipeline. Clarizen helps us to..."
Sandra Klein Nagelvoort
R&D Program Manager
"Our key priority was to have the ability to understand the status of our projects and how much we wer..."
Kurt Goldman
Change and Transformation Manager, CRM Solutions
"For the first time in our company’s history we’re able to unite all of our departments into one proje..."
Ran Kopel
Corporate Budget and Investment Manager, Projects
"Clarizen has helped us to become more efficient, enabling us to easily allocate internal costs, bette..."
Tony Willers
Manager Service Solution
"Intuitive and easy to use, Clarizen Go is a great tool for any team on any project. Our teams can qui..."
Simon Cole
Chief Operating Officer
"The Clarizen roadmap provides the company with a fantastic feature that was one of the major selling..."
Leading International Entertainment Company
VP Technology Oversight

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