"Cisco was at least 50 percent cheaper once running costs were factored in. Plus, there was no learnin..."
Luis Enrique Gómez Sutti
IT Infrastructure Manager
"Users were finding it took longer to get online as the network became clogged up...."
Carlos Chávez Paz
Head of Networks and Servers
"With incredible cost and time savings, this has been one of our most successful IT projects to date...."
Sean O'Mahoney
Vice President and Managing Director of Technology Services
"Our turnover drastically reduced to 4%, and we gained a better understanding of telecommuting. Our wo..."
Yoshihisa Aono
"Implementing the systems went very smoothly—the Cisco support teams were readily available in each co..."
Giuseppe Anastasio
Global ICT Infrastructure and Networking Manager
"I am very satisfied with the quality of Cisco products and support...."
Tim Dyce
Chief Information Officer
"There’s never been a better time to communicate with our communities...."
Chris Wagner
President, Associate of Chief of Police
"The needs of the entertainment industry are ever-changing. Our clients require extremely tight deadli..."
Matt Clair
"Getting to market 10 percent faster is a huge advantage over our competitors...."
Andreas Schitter
Chief Finance Officer
"Another advantage of choosing Cisco is that its products have castiron security built in from the gro..."
Miguel Velázquez
Head of IT infrastructure
"New ways of working offer possibilities for teachers and students to collaborate on a more personal l..."
César Hernández Reynoso
IT Director
"Students can supplement what they’ve learned in the classroom with video content streamed directly to..."
Antonio Cueto Tirado
Network Engineer
"You can arrange meetings and share documents fast using Cisco WebEx®...."
Christian Bucher
IT Administrator
"We plan to leverage Cisco solutions in our automated network management in the future...."
Brett Mason
Senior Manager, Networks and Connectivity
"It all started as a hobby, and to us it is still a hobby. So if you provide the best technology to pe..."
Troy Clair
President and CEO
"Our artists push us, and when they do, we need to have a team that can deliver globally. At Clair, it..."
Shaun Clair
Chief of Business Development

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