"In marketing, censhare has brought us extreme increases in efficiency and with that also falling cost..."
Matthias Wesselmann
Former Head of Group Marketing & Communication
"We have been able to reduce the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and t..."
Gabriel Gübeli
Head of Promotions Management
"We are able to transport our knowledge very well and very quickly with censhare...."
Mathias Hevert
Managing Director
"With censhare Mobiliar has found a solution that is comprehensive, modularly upgradable and future-or..."
Rolf Buess
Head of Marketing Support
"We boosted our output, shortened time to market and achieved higher quality at lower costs...."
Christoph Weiss
Managing Director
"To put our work with censhare in a nutshell, I can say we are producing a lean, efficient and highly..."
Anke Krohmer
Editor in Chief
"censhare covers for us the entire value creation chain from the editorial system right through to the..."
Alexander Werkmeister
Managing Director
"We regard censhare as a platform to get our messages across to customers in a very direct and immedia..."
Carolin Schuberth
Managing Director
"One of the lessons we learned from our highly successful relaunch was that it is impossible to give t..."
Christian Röpke
Managing Director
"In an era of citizen journalism, where people can publish live from anywhere, it makes sense that our..."
Leigh Cresswell
Product Director, Publishing Technology
"Some of our large customers with thousands of products will want to pull all the data they hold with..."
Rachel McMenimen
Vice President of Operations
"We particularly like always having a single point of contact who is familiar with our specific requir..."
Tanja Klever
Head of Pre-Press Production
"If someone wants to see chapter two of a particular nursing book in copyedited manuscript, where do t..."
Dan Clipner
Program Manager
"censhare will allow us to make every one of our titles more accessible after this year...."
Cindy Breuninger
Director of Content Solutions
"Although we thought the more basic DAM solutions were what we wanted at the time, censhare represente..."
Liam Bennett
Digital Asset Coordinator
"With censhare’s advanced product information and digital asset management software and EPAM’s global..."
Jason Harman
SVP, Head of Global Business Development

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