"Caterease makes my life so much easier...."
Christina Hoffman
Manhattan Dining Services
"I just want to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with Caterease. We did a lot or research,..."
Robin A Rader
The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake
"Thank you! Thank you! Your Caterease software has saved my life! Of all the decisions I’ve had to mak..."
Lynn Umstead
Castle McCulloch
"Kristy is hands down the best technical support person I have come across. And in my 30 years of deal..."
George Gassios
Le Chateau Royal
"We are continuing to customize Caterease and are amazed each day that we ever managed without it. It..."
Karn Anderson
Surdyk’s Catering
"I am always amazed by the fluid capabilities of this software. It is the Best...."
Jerry Rosenberg
Catering by Max’s
"Thank you! Thank you! & Thank you!!! This [your helpfulness] is why I keep buying and keep referring..."
Veronica Segovia
ADC Group
"Caterease, you have out done yourselves this time! (Caterease) is absolutely the best catering softwa..."
Tim Garner
Cuomo Catering
"Thank you for your help!!!!!! Everyone at Caterease has always been very patient and kind...."
Chateau Cocomar
"Extremely helpful and very patient, thanks for the great support...."
Wendy Cohen
The Goodfriend Catering Company
"Very helpful and timely assistance...."
Rochelle Prather
Bon Appétit at Fort Worden
"Caterease is one of the most user-friendly softwares out there, and I’ve looked at a lot of them. It..."
Deborah Shipley
Tulane University Hospital
"I find Caterease an absolutely awesome tool to run my catering business. To be honest, I don’t know h..."
Mitch Carter
Loaves and Fishes Catering
"It is always a pleasurable experience to work with technical support...."
Paul Wysocki
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
"Love the program...."
Susan Kaeser
Westmark Baranof Hotel
"After more than 30 years of working in the computer world, I can not remember running into a more res..."
Norman Gibat
GEI, Inc.

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