"We have been experiencing an increased amount of orders received in our customer service department v..."
David Gershaw
VP Operations, Integra
"Captricity is already saving several of our city partners tens of thousands of dollars in manual data..."
Jennifer Pahlka
Founder and Executive Director
"For the paperjam we experienced, it was originally estimated to take a very long time to overcome the..."
Taha Kass-Hout
Chief Health Informatics Officer, CTO, and Director, Office of Informatics and Tech Innovation
"The Captricity process is a significant operational differentiator for us. We were challenged to crea..."
Ryan Hedspeth
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
"We are very membership driven, and we collect a lot of information about our members in order to serv..."
Yohan Ruparatne
Director of IT, SEIU
"Captricity was very quick and flexible. We were able to tweak the forms and extract the data we neede..."
Eleanor Wiseman
Analyst, MIT Poverty Action Lab
"Captricity is saving us at around 400 hours of employee time at the volume we have today. As we expan..."
Scott Thompson
Chief Operating Officer, Catapult
"With Captricity we were able to get thousands of warranty cards entered in a day! I'm in awe of their..."
Brian Curran
Company Account Manager,Darex, LLC
"Captricity took our scanned documents and converted them to a machine readable format at a very reaso..."
Tina Z. Bass
Interim Executive Director, The Fair Political Practices Commission
"Captricity was exactly what we were looking for. It was very easy to get going and the customer servi..."
Ian Cramer
IT Coordinator, Transportation Alternatives
"Captricity has enabled us to dramatically cut the costs and delays associated with data entry in a la..."
Tarek Ghani
"For an organization like IPA, which processes massive amounts of paper-based data every year, impleme..."
Innovations For Poverty Action
"Without Captricity, we would have imported the files into a bulk directory and that would have been i..."
Joel Perkins
IT Lead, Georgia Department of Ethics

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