"Flight is easy to use, intuitive and a great collaborative tool. New team members have no problem lea..."
Julie Dombrowski
Communications Director
"With Canto, we are able to organize our assets the way we like and we save time providing an easy to..."
Derek Wolfford
Marketing Manager
"I wonder why business software has to be so complicated – when software for personal use is so much e..."
Marcel Schoon
Digital Communication Coordinator
"Before Canto, we didn’t have a reliable way to get product and brand assets to our retailers, and our..."
Chris Freyer
Marketing Specialist
"Ease of search and immediate downloads are great. Our large user base loves having this level of acce..."
Lisa Graham
Creative Services Project and Fulfillment Manager
"With over 700 active users within the first six months, the rollout of Canto could not have gone more..."
Danny James
Marketing and Accounts Manager
"As we have expanded globally, we need to ensure that everyone has easy access to the correct global a..."
Alison Peake
The a2 Milk Company
"We can send specific photos to our various retailers depending on what products they carry and provid..."
Maria Bee
Digital Marketing Manager and Designer
"Flight is a fabulous product! We’re very happy with its ease of use, When I think about all the hours..."
Elizabeth Romanaux
Manager, Advertising & Promotions
"We’re really glad to have this tool. For my team and me, working with Canto simply saves an enormous..."
Miranda Meier
Press Spokesperson
"Canto is the most efficient way to access our best imagery quickly, for all team members...."
Alla Gringaus
Director, User Experience & Visual Design
"There is a link to the Canto sales portal on our Salesforce homepage that field reps use all the time..."
Kaitlyn Daleiden
Communication and Design Manager
"Flight allows us to easily and quickly share high res images across the organization, even though we..."
Paul V.
Leica Biosystems
"Flight has made locating and sharing assets so much easier! Another plus is customer service, we have..."
Kelly Welgraven
Graphic Designer
"Canto has proven itself to be just an exceptional tool for us, allowing us to easily, safely and secu..."
Jess Scott
Archivist /Marketing Specialist
"We’re getting really detailed with our labeling now, to the point where we’re adding tags for just ab..."

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