"Bynder is a very pleasant and user-friendly system for managing imagery. Especially the option to mak..."
Gonda Franssen
Coordinator Communication
"Bynder has helped to consolidate our content creation process across the business. Although is not qu..."
George Burton
Senior Creative Manager
"Bynder has provided us with a platform that scales. Internationally, it sends the message that we tak..."
Djordy Seelmann
General Manager
"Bynder made it possible to portrait our most valuable assets! As an image driven company, Buddha to B..."
Marc van Laar
Brand Manager
"I would definitely recommend Bynder - not only for the tool, but also for the collaboration and relat..."
Alina-Maria Weide
Trinity Lead, AOL Marketing & Sales Productivity
"Bynder came to us with a great tool for sharing the richness of our photos, artwork and videos...."
Maarten van Nispen
Director Corporate Communication
"Bynder ofers us a dynamic platform for connecting with our stakeholders both inside and outside the c..."
Sarah Roozendaal
Brand Manager
"Bynder worked great for the management of images, so we eventually used it to store and share our vid..."
Astrid Nap
Customer Strategy & Marketing Executive
"Bynder’s onboarding, development, and launch support have been nothing short of outstanding. Our digi..."
Matt Melanson
Digital Media Designer
"Bynder has helped us streamline our workflow process enabling us to be far more efficient and increas..."
Phil Devine
Senior Creative
"I’d recommend Bynder 100%. It’s easy to adopt; easy to use. The interface is clean, simple, and intui..."
Maggie Farrand
Senior Officer of Digital Media
"Because of Bynder’s user-friendly features we were able to introduce and roll-out its usability to ou..."
Guðmundur Óskarsson
Director Marketing and Business Development
"As the portal is well organized and user friendly, we believe that we can reach our goals without spe..."
Judith Beek
Founder and Managing Director
"The Bynder system is so self-explanatory, that our team is always comfortable using it, and we trust..."
Stefanie Cools
Management Assistant
"Due to the tight schedule of our rebranding, it was key that the Bynder system was ready for producti..."
Torsten Daeges
Marketing Coordinator
"We’ve turned what was an outdated and uninspiring digital asset management process into something tha..."
Addy Procter
Product Marketing Specialist

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