"Bynder is a very pleasant and user-friendly system for managing imagery. Especially the option to mak..."
Gonda Franssen
Coordinator Communication
"The tool has state-of-the-art functionalities and is very user-friendly and intuitive. It really help..."
Diederik Visser
Implementation Management Team
"Everything was planned, commitment and delivery what was promised. Quick response to issues and quest..."
Jeroen Coppens
Marketing and Communications Manager
"Bynder is extremely easy to use, allowing staff to adopt the system with little training. Another gr..."
Alan Davis
Marketing Manager (Corporate)
"Bynder is an extremely user-friendly program, which allows everyone in my company access to essentia..."
Natalie Paraiso
Creative Traffic Manager
"Bynder has provided us with a platform that scales. Internationally, it sends the message that we tak..."
Djordy Seelmann
General Manager
"To make it short: Thanks to BYNDER we are able to offer our licensees a modern, user-optimized online..."
Thomas Puchert
Head of Licensing
"Bynder has helped to consolidate our content creation process across the business. Although is not qu..."
George Burton
Senior Creative Manager
"Thanks to Bynder’s branding automation solution, we could strengthen the structure of our image-data-..."
Silke Schriefer
Marketing Communications Manager
"Due to the tight schedule of our rebranding, it was key that the Bynder system was ready for producti..."
Torsten Daeges
Marketing Coordinator
"The personalised nature of the platform along with the progressive approach of Bynder has made this a..."
Kate Walch
Multimedia Officer
"Because of Bynder’s user-friendly features we were able to introduce and roll-out its usability to ou..."
Guðmundur Óskarsson
Director Marketing and Business Development

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