"Aside from contextual data benefits, Bullhorn has reduced the time we dedicate to sales and candidate..."
Tim Jacob
Operations Director
"We’ve always been early adopters with regards to technology. Bullhorn Reach Team is a far better appl..."
Brian Cunningham
"With Bullhorn our expansion into Ghana was a less costly and much simpler process. Operational diffic..."
Tim O'Brien
Group Commercial Director
"We are on the other side of the world being in Australia and we don’t feel that tierney of distance w..."
Andrew Rodger
National Talent Manager
"Bullhorn was adopted by our company much faster than I thought it would be It was just so easy to use..."
Ann Bartnik
Vice President of Client Services
"It was the pre-built integration with Bullhorn. We were already invested in Bullhorn, and we liked B..."
Doug Breunig
Vice President of Finance and Operations
"Ebtsa really rocks our world! If you’re not using it already, you should be!..."
Julie Sizelove
VP of Operations
"I had an employee for 3 months saying a leader in enterprise staffing software was superior to Bullho..."
Rachel Mayse
Director of Operations
"The Canvas integration saves tons of time, it’s a quick way to screen people, and it has a much quick..."
Bruce Kipperman
Walker Hill Consulting
"Bullhorn has really helped us grow at a phenomenal rate. Using the system, our consultants spend less..."
Ephram Stephenson
Managing Director
"The ability with which we can store and access information from wherever we are on a true cloud-based..."
Paul Conaghan
Director and Co-Founder
"Bullhorn is part of what we do it’s in our DNA now...."
Roger Mills
"Bullhorn is user-friendly, uber-efficient, has the ability to be customised to a T, and sits on an in..."
Justin Pettie
General Manager
"The sorting aspect is almost completely gone, because [Bullhorn] does it all for us. Additionally Ano..."
Leading Staffing Agency
"You can’t run a multi-million dollar staffing agency without a system to track and identify candidate..."
Josh Albucker
Senior Vice President of Healthcare Recruitment
"Bullhorn for Salesforce has proven to be the best platform I've had the opportunity to use in my 19 y..."
Steve Smith
Market Director

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