"It was vital that we made the right choice, as the CRM system forms the foundations on which the comp..."
Donna Hewett
Head of Operations
"Once the Bullhorn sales team demonstrated the in-built functionality and we realized what was achieva..."
Russell Dalgleish
Managing Director
"Realizing immediate productivity and achieving results is a tremendous advantage with Bullhorn, wheth..."
Allison O'Kelly
CEO & Founder
"Bullhorn has allowed us to be a dispersed but highly effective national organization. We have the too..."
Robert J. Miano
President and CEO
"Our business is about providing outstanding service to our clients and candidates. A big part of that..."
Brian Tomasello
Principal Owner
"Bullhorn is fundamental to our future development. It allows us to scale quickly and easily. It allow..."
Toby Babb
Founder and Managing Director
"We went through a rigorous selection process and Bullhorn came out on top every time. Its intelligent..."
Suzie Ballard
operations director at Staffgroup
"Bullhorn has been here from the start, and Bullhorn will be an integral partner in our growth...."
Ron Fuccillo
Co-Founder and CFO
"With Bullhorn, no longer will you be an ‘agency of a thousand lists.’ All contacts, both business and..."
Luke Budka
"We’re determined to grow and as we grow, Bullhorn will grow with us...."
David Fardy
General Manager
"Bullhorn has become a central hub for how our business operates. My team loves Bullhorn, and the more..."
Wendy Kennah
Director of Recruiting
"There’s a lot less confusion and we’re spending a lot less time managing candidates. Furthermore, the..."
Matt Brosseau
Instant Alliance
"That’s $4,000 we can now put into job boards, marketing, social media. It’s time saved, it’s money sa..."
Melissa Hunter
Director of Operations
"With the help of the Bullhorn team, we’ve been able to build a stable and data-secure system that has..."
Rade Manojlovic
Senior Sourcing Specialist
"The functionality of our software is great, but it would mean nothing without the Bullhorn team that..."
Sharon Sorensen
Senior Recruitment Consultant
"We’d spoken to various website providers but it was when we met with Volcanic that we saw the real op..."
Scott Richardson
Global Head of Marketing

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