"Our vision is ‘play and have fun’ and from the start we wanted Experience Station to be a game as wel..."
Ernst de Neef
Energizer and Fun Creator as well as a founder
"As a gaming specialist retailer, we are committed to delivering the best, only at GAME, omni-channel..."
Fred Prego
Marketing & Insight Director
"We haven’t had a single player returned to us yet for any reason; and haunters are hard on technology..."
Kip Polley
"Video is far more engaging and striking than the usual shop signage options, We’d never used video wa..."
The Dune Group
Senior Systems Administrator
"BrightSign and Imaculix created an innovative system that allows us to deliver dynamic and compelling..."
Nadja Schildknecht
Managing Director and Co-Director
"An integral part of the event, our digital signage installations are unique in that they have the abi..."
Karl Spörri
Artistic Director
"BrightSign is really perfect – we have never had any problem with stability with these players. You c..."
Armin Brunner
Head of Multimedia Services
"The owner at Pear Street, Gary Wong, wanted superb content with a reliable platform to deliver that c..."
Larry Souza
Director of Sales
"We chose BrightSign because the company’s players are more robust than other players on the market, a..."
Shahrooz Jabbari
"The BrightSign/REACH solution has gone above and beyond our expectations – with simplicity, reliabili..."
John Connelly
Director of Sales and Development
"The HD210 PC-less controller for the digital sign in the Experian Lobby was purchased directly from B..."
Toshi Nakamura
System Administrator
"Wary travelers are tempted with many food options at SFO, and we needed to raise our profile to remai..."
Patama Gur
Co-founder and Owner
"With a high-profile installation like this, it’s important that the deployment be artistically breath..."
Cesar Cifuentes
Founder and President
"The robust management capabilities of BrightSign Network enable us to easily push universal or locali..."
Neil Norton
Executive Vice President
"Previous iterations of the SEC were built on a PC-based solution, which presented several challenges..."
Jim Stoklosa
Info Retail’s Director of Digital Signage and Development
"Our new signage has provided immediate benefits by presenting practical tips about the new building,..."
Maaike Wilmink
Facilities Project Leader

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