"Showtime is a content company, not a technology company. Brightcove allows us to focus on what we do..."
Chris Lucas
Vice President & Executive Producer
"We’re using Video Cloud increasingly with YouTube to create videos that help candidates understand wh..."
Andrew Scherer
Marketing and Communications Director
"The Sixth House team knew they could depend on Brightcove Video Cloud. From previous experience, they..."
Richard Bull
Co-founder and president
"There’s a very important connection between sports fans who follow multiple sports at different times..."
Dale Fallon
Director of Digital Product Management
"Brightcove Video Cloud forms the foundation of our Video CV program. We can upload new Video CVs quic..."
Ben Rosen
Founder and CEO
"Brightcove has transformed the way we manage and stream videos on our website. In the past we had to..."
Peter Robertson
Manager for Technical Operations
"Video is a highly effective way for us to deliver a range of content and information to employees and..."
Glen Schwartz
Director of Corporate Communications
"The Brightcove Audience integration with Marketo is really the beating heart of how we do customer re..."
Pat MacFie
Global Director of Media
"With Brightcove Video Cloud, we are now able to publish, manage and distribute our video content to m..."
Dave Rumsey
"After reviewing our options, the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform was the best option for..."
Eitan Weisz
Senior Manager of Technical Operations
"Right from the start, Brightcove’s platform was easy to work with and videos were easy to manage...."
Atsushi Masuko
Head of Educational Planning Department
"We’re the only major broadcast channel that puts in-season shows out for free, Our content is ad-supp..."
Kasra Zokaei
Director of Digital Product Development
"The Brightcove Platform allows us to focus on what we do best, and create new experiences for the way..."
Kevin Nellies
Communications and Public Affairs Division
"Brightcove really saved our lives. We’re a subscription based video provider, so any period of lights..."
Claudeen Martinez
Head of Marketing and Communications
"The website is much more dynamic and inviting now. The audio and video features allow potential custo..."
Jamie Rothberg
Marketing Coordinator
"We told Video Cloud support staff what we needed, and they came together with our in-house developer..."
Andreas Leonhard
Chief Executive Officer

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