"Integrating Branch was painless.It took less than 30 minutes to understand an add into our signup flo..."
Derrick Staten
"Branch’s Journeys solution exceeded our KPI expectations, and allowed us to convert casual web users..."
Ricardo Avelino
Online Marketing Specialist
"Branch is the best deferred deep linking solution in the mobile app industry. Every developer who car..."
Igor Pugach
Mobile Product Manager
"Branch is critical to our mobile web strategy, and I think we’re still scratching the surface! The ma..."
Prashant Mahajan
Product Marketing Manager
"Branch is at the forefront of how we get a user into our app - and our growth would not be nearly wha..."
John Pacino
SVP of Product and Engineering
"Because [our] native app outperforms mobile web so significantly, it was paramount for Bukalapak to m..."
Bayu Adi Persada
Product Manager
"For deferred deep linking and personalized onboarding, Branch is absolutely the way to go. The expert..."
Cameron Jacox
Head of Growth
"Before Branch, we couldn’t link to our app content from critical channels like social media and the m..."
David Barton
Director of Marketing
"Branch allowed us to become compatible with iOS 9 Universal Links, significantly reducing the burden..."
Anthony Persaud
Chief Product Officer
"Branch’s Journeys has significantly increased our conversion rate by reducing steps in the purchase p..."
Jim Warren
Marketing Director
"With Branch, we have the chance to think beyond a specific install. This gives us the chance to rewar..."
Giacomo Melandri
Mobile Marketing Manager
"Switching to Branch helped us improve the conversion of our paid leads and engage like never before...."
Andrew Kabrit
"We decided to switch to Branch as our complete app attribution partner because it solved our attribut..."
Amjed Darweesh
Product Manager
"As a company that’s very focused on mobile and the future of travel on mobile, Branch Metrics is a gr..."
Zaid Al-Husseini
VP of Product
"We’ve long viewed our customer journey as beginning on our web properties but ultimately ending with..."
Conner Boyd
Senior Product Manager
"Everybody that we met seemed very eager to help develop solutions tailored specifically for our compa..."
Amanda Goetz
Director of Consumer Product Marketing

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