"Our job is to develop people. When you have a good set of people and they're in a good place inside a..."
Andrew Cherng
Chief Executive Officer
"I’ll organize everything we have to do for the day. I’ll look over and see what kind of setups we hav..."
Zack Sanford
Building Manager
"I love the work community it creates. It makes finding coverage for shifts a lot easier. It also ma..."
Alexius L.
Front-Desk Worker
"Helps me communicate well with my staff and keeps us much more organized on how to run our system. It..."
DeOndre M.
Crew Member
"Let's me know when I have to work 3 hours in advance. Easy to trade shifts with people if I need to...."
Dylan N.
"It makes the workplace run smoothly. I’m gonna be a assistant manager at a new store and plan to use..."
Panda Express
"It has helped me come to work on time and show up on time all the time because it notifies me when I..."
Maria Jose
Panda Express
"Branch is overall a great way to keep team members connected...."
Jess H.
"We sent an email about when we could work, received a spreadsheet, and printed it out for everyone to..."
American Airlines
"It has improved my quality of life because it has facilitated making schedule changes that allow me t..."
Caitlin M.
Flight Attendant
"It was annoying to have to call each person individually to spread a simple message, broadcasting in..."
Nate Rovenolt
Tech Manager
"Community, ease of communication and the ability to share schedules and work out the kinks with he wh..."
Connor G.
"My store is at an arms reach away, and I can easily talk to anyone at any time...."
Keiran Griffiths
General Manager and Operating Partner
"Easy to access. Schedules are always posted and it allows you to trade shifts with crew members. Woul..."
Jazmine W.
"A successful team is created by showing people how they can be successful...."
Tim Harmon
General Manager
"It helps us not only build relationships with customers but our own employees, too...."
Michael Gregory
Services Manager

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