"The most surprising feature, however, is probably the ease of managing massive bodies of data, howeve..."
Stefano Taddei
IT manager, Baldini Vernici
"Due to its automation and customization processes, BOARD has a lesser number of consolidation and cal..."
Naim Holdings
Finance (Corporate Planning)
"BOARD allows today managing, integrating and sharing a wide range of heterogeneous data, transforming..."
Flavio Dalla Zanna
CIO, Baxi S.p.A.
"The BOARD BI Toolkit is so easy to use that, as a commercial assistant with no programming expertise,..."
Ksenia Spashchanskaya
Executive Management Assistant, Duktus Giesserei Wetzlar GmbH
"BOARD can be deployed in all areas of the business in a flexible way, customized to the needs of each..."
Holger Schweikart
Senior Sales Controller
"The user training was really minimal, the IT group responsible, after only 5 days of courses, was in..."
Ing. F. Bianchini
General Director, Computer Gross
"After getting to know the product, the cost of developing detailed reports declined by roughly 30/35%..."
Dott. Gianni Ivaldi
IT Manager, Sogegross
"One thing that stands out from BOARD is that it combines BI and CPM in one solution, and it gives us..."
Howard Cheung
"We chose the Board product to enable us to produce regular and up to date forecasts to allow the busi..."
Martin Lofnes
Finance Director
"A fundamental step in the selection of BOARD was the prototype stage, during which, to be totally sur..."
Fabrizio Berardi
"A great improvement compared to the past, when it was the EDP staff who created reports...."
Stefano Taddei
IT Manager
"The processing time of the actual data has been reduced significantly and now this gives us more time..."
Karel De Backer
VP Finance & Administration
"The implementation of BOARD has helped me sleep at night. I no longer have to worry about producing a..."
Jim Darton
Head of Commercial Finance
"We’ve got to the point now where we can probably complete our month end reporting process and underst..."
Zoe Franks
International Commercial Accountant
"Probably the biggest benefit for us is that BOARD helps us plan better with our customers. Every year..."
Richard Garner
UK Sales Director
"BOARD allows us to consolidate in a split second! Yes, consolidation can happen with a single button!..."
Ivan Evstatiev
Senior Manager, Planning & Performance Management

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