"Our experience with Beyond Nines has given us the confidence to step back from the table and venture..."
Steve Schlotter
IT Director
"The dedicated team at Beyond Nines was phenomenal. We received so much training about how to actually..."
Mark Klausen
Former Marketing Communications Manager
"Pulling this project off was going to be tough, but we had to make it work. Beyond Nines helped us fi..."
Kristine Leja
Senior Director of Development and Communications
"We knew if we made an investment in training more staff on NetCommunity™, we would reap great rewards..."
Marianne Crosley
Cleveland Leadership Center
"We reconnected with our donors in a really specialized and personal way-and hit way above our yearly..."
Michael O'Donahue
Vice President
"We knew that we wanted — no, needed — mobile optimization. We couldn’t risk looking behind the times...."
Lisa Notter
Senior Director, Advancement Communications, Events & Stewardship
"I knew that self hosting was an option, but I didn't want the headaches. We wanted all the benefits o..."
Megan D. Thie
Director of Advancement Services
"The team at Beyond Nines has been accessible and responsive. They worked closely with us during the e..."
Mia Pelletier
Communications Associate
"With donors around the world, we must make certain that downtime is minimal. If downtime is required..."
Greg Rousos
President & CEO
"Beyond Nines had the experience hosting the modules we wanted, and their user interface is extremely..."
Emily Howard
Vice President, Information Services
"We are small and busy and were in the middle of a multimillion fundraising campaign while at the same..."
Greg Fitzgerald
Executive Director
"We are thrilled! We looked at screen shots and the very next day we got an email saying the work was..."
Raj Hajela
Foundation Administrator
"Beyond Nines helps us find solutions. Period. If we make changes to our programs, they figure out how..."
Lorna Chin
Relationship Data Services Manager
"Beyond Nines has been a dream. They did the due diligence up front and invested time setting up and t..."
Raymond Hearne
Interim CIO
"Not only did we get a new website, we got experts to show us the things we didn't even know about or..."
J. B. Goll
"Beyond Nines was so responsive, and listened to our requirements and needs. The work and documentatio..."
Michael Enos
Chief Technology Officer

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