"What we like most about Beekeeper is that it gives us the ability to have a dialogue with our non-des..."
Monika Christener
Rivella AG
"Beekeeper has made our job easier because everybody has their phone with them all the time, so we can..."
Danita Vancharldorp
Director of HR
"I have been in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years and I've never seen a tool like this a..."
Xavier Halbi
Director of Rooms
"Thanks to Beekeeper, we can now reach everyone which was very complicated with traditional communicat..."
Anne-Catherine Rüegg
Head of Communications/PR
"Beekeeper is like the newspaper. You read it on the train on your way to work. I’m much more informed..."
Tanja Pfaffhauser
Management Assistant
"Connecting 50,000 employees from 110 hotels globally and making them feel part of the FRHI family is..."
Alexandra Zeifman
Internal Communications, Project Manager
"We can’t get everyone’s engagement to a five on a scale from 1-5, but we can get everyone to improve...."
Pierre O. Botteron
Vice President, Human Resources
"The Beekeeper team is wonderful! My Customer Success Manager always has an answer and if he doesn’t,..."
Jozenia Cruz
Human Resources and Talent Engagement
"It was incredible to see all of the personalities that came alive on The Lobby that we didn’t realize..."
David Montero
Director of Operations
"The biggest impacts Beekeeper had were very clearly the time-saving and organizational benefits. Less..."
Chris K. Franzen
Area Vice Presient & General Manager
"I'm able to see the analytical side of how engaged our employees are. You can see who is active, who..."
Rama Jabban
HR Assistant Manager
"Beekeeper has improved cross-selling. Employees can post current offers on Beekeeper in order to info..."
Alexander Schibli
Manager Non-Food
"You always hear employees talking about inSPICE, our Beekeeper app. It’s established itself, now it’s..."
Sarah Strub
Coordinator for Employer Branding, Events and Trainings
"FRHI Talk has taken off! It's really very exciting to be able to go on it every single day and get a..."
Michelle Crosby
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
"In the past it was much more complicated to inform employees. Today, it’s simpler, more transparent,..."
Jose Morla
Deputy Rescue Services and IT/Data Protection Officer
"We think very highly of Beekeeper. Overall, communication is much easier. It’s a great platform and i..."
Matthias Nobs
Head of Rescue Services

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