"One Aldwych hotel has been delighted to work with Beekeeper to improve our internal communication. Th..."
Julia Frederick
HR Director
"I regularly talk to IT manager at different co-ops. We have all looked at a number of internal commun..."
Ryan Vanstone
IT Manager
"Our customers depend on their compression units to be operating without issue. Beekeeper helps us mai..."
Brock Reed
Operations Support Lead
"The Beekeeper team is wonderful! My Customer Success Manager always has an answer and if he doesn’t,..."
Jozenia Cruz
Human Resources and Talent Engagement
"Connecting 50,000 employees from 110 hotels globally and making them feel part of the FRHI family is..."
Alexandra Zeifman
Internal Communications, Project Manager
"We can’t get everyone’s engagement to a five on a scale from 1-5, but we can get everyone to improve...."
Pierre O. Botteron
Vice President, Human Resources
"The support we received in the beginning like PowerPoint templates for the launch was very helpful. A..."
Tommi Krell
Director of Corporate Communications
"We like how easy it is to communicate with each other no matter the distance. It has built camaraderi..."
Willi Alzamora
Regional Manager
"It was incredible to see all of the personalities that came alive on The Lobby that we didn’t realize..."
David Montero
Director of Operations
"Since implementing Beekeeper, we have seen reductions in the amount of technician labor needed for mi..."
Mark Reed
Director of Operations
"In the past it was much more complicated to inform employees. Today, it’s simpler, more transparent,..."
Jose Morla
Deputy Rescue Services and IT/Data Protection Officer
"We think very highly of Beekeeper. Overall, communication is much easier. It’s a great platform and i..."
Matthias Nobs
Head of Rescue Services
"The People team is responsible for creating a sandbox for this for everyone to share and a structure..."
Megan Hansen
SVP of People
"FRHI Talk has taken off! It's really very exciting to be able to go on it every single day and get a..."
Michelle Crosby
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
"Beekeeper has been a game-changer for me and the organization. I am able to see first-hand what is im..."
Jeannie Bracken
Director of Human Resources
"With its socially familiar tools and display, it’s easy for employees to quickly engage with Beekeepe..."
John Crouch
Global Clinical Affairs Digital Content Manager

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