"Management, firewall functions, operation the first time I saw Barracuda NG Firewall I already had a..."
Jurgen Mayershofer
Network Manager
"Our Barracuda products, without question do exactly what they are supposed to do. I haven't had any i..."
Paul Glick
Technical Engineer
"It is a common experience for our end users as well as a common experience for us on the back end. It..."
Michael Kimmel
Director of Information Technology
"Since implementing the Barracuda Link Balancer we have seen a 50 percent improvement in bandwidth uti..."
Yancy Gunhammer
Technology Assistant Coordinator
"The Barracuda NG solutions already included failover and Traffic Intelligence functions, which meant..."
Clemens Chizzali-Bonfadin
Manager of Global IT Security (CISO)
"The price is right, it is an efficient device, and it is easy to use. I have fewer headaches and can..."
Paul Chen
The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission
"Barracuda provided the solution that enabled us to react to our fast-changing business and IT environ..."
Pascal Wenders
ICT Team Leader
"AWS makes it very easy for us to scale and innovate... For example, we’re currently rolling out a new..."
Max Longin
Founding Partner
"Google Cloud Platform and Barracuda CloudGen Firewall are helping us accomplish our primary mission o..."
Kishore Venkat
IT Solutions Lead
"Doing live streams out of the campus’ auditorium and not worrying about bandwidth assignment is price..."
John Kellen
IT Manager
"Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is efficient, reliable, and accommodating. We are immensely satisfied wit..."
Mark Harris
ICT Coordinator
"If one is responsible for a highly critical infrastructure then the technology supplier’s customer or..."
Gottfried Hofreither
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
"The Barracuda solution is an innovative and effective set of tools that comprehensively secure e-mail..."
Mariusz Popko
Deputy Head of IT Infrastructure
"We experienced superior communication from Barracuda over the other options in Azure Marketplace. Bar..."
David Glover
Digital Director
"I wanted to secure all my threat vectors with a complete solution from a single vendor that builds re..."
Ben Warringer
Business and IT Operations
"It was a real eye-opener for us. We knew right away that Integreon could dramatically improve its dat..."
Sanjeev Jain
Chief Information Officer

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