"The Barracuda Spam Firewall does what is says on the tin It stops spam, helps with compliance, protec..."
Chris Bill
IT Analyst
"By implementing the Barracuda Message Archiver, we are able to use an appliance that does all our a..."
Mike Collingsworth
MIS Director
"With up to 10,000 remote VPN clients connected to the data center Barracuda NG Firewall NAC’s built i..."
CBCX Technologies
"The IZB Informatik-Zentrum will definitely outperform the anticipated reduction in system maintenance..."
Matthias Tauber
Department Manager Network Security
"There was no remapping involved, no renaming anything. All user shares were fully restored...."
Kyle Mello
System Administrator
"Barracuda provided the solution that enabled us to react to our fast-changing business and IT environ..."
Pascal Wenders
ICT Team Leader
"Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is efficient, reliable, and accommodating. We are immensely satisfied wit..."
Mark Harris
ICT Coordinator
"A company that can implement an efficient management for highly complex firewall infrastructures in t..."
Roland Bauer
Head of the Network Infrastructure Department
"One of the main reasons we chose Barracuda’s firewall solution was the excellent customer support. In..."
Alexander Kuzmidi
ICT/Enterprise IT Unit Head
"The big thing for me was how easy it was to set up and then use on a day-to-day basis. It really just..."
Robin Matthews
ICT Manager
"Barracuda has a good reputation for working and being simple, which is a real plus...."
Chip Larouche
Chief Technical Officer
"It’s so intuitive that everyone at the organisation can recover their own lost or deleted files with..."
Graham Gifford
IT Director
"Barracuda Backup Appliance is a dream come true for any administrator tasked with many duties...."
Piotr Neisobski
IT Manager
"I check the Message Archiver periodically to make sure there are no issues, but that’s it... Searchin..."
Andy Coleman
Director of Technology
"Meeting foreign tourist demand is one of our major challenges. To that end, we must facilitate and en..."
Yoshihiro Jimbo
Senior Manager of Payments
"Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls with SD-WAN allows us to reduce the number of MPLS lines by fifty percen..."
Erich Maierhofer
ICT Manager Infrastructure Services

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