"It would have been too costly to try to convert our legacy system to integrate with a modern techno..."
Aundrea Jackson
Project Manager
"We realized that there were a few critical data related issues that we needed to address integrity of..."
Suzelyn Urbano
Vice President for IT
"For the business to operate optimally, we count on reliable customer data to ensure we can take order..."
Cindy Hoots
Vice President of Global ERP Information
"Previously, our validation process was manual and very laborious, but with the centralized portal in..."
Ben Hallinan
Director of Development Global ICT Application Competence Centre
"Knowing interrelationships and dependencies of SAP and how they affect data quality is the value Back..."
Jared Daum
Director, North America Master Data Management
"There were so many barriers and data rules in place within our SAP systems that manually deleting the..."
Vicky Pasqualini
Director of ERP Integration and Release Management
"Our implementation partner was a key factor in the selection of our EPM platform… CPM Consulting work..."
Rajesh Chopra
SVP, Corporate Affairs
"Having the right data in the right format is as critical as having the right system in place, and thi..."
Anand Murthy
Business Solutions Manager, Australand
"We can now clearly show our business users how and where their legacy data would result in an error..."
Andrea Smith
SAP Convergence IT Program Manager
"SAP requires complete accuracy with master data from the beginning. These exacting standards were a w..."
Frank Morelli
SVP Global Business Processes & CIO
"Failure was not an option. We had to go-live on the appointed day since the consequences for the many..."
Annie Alipao
CIO, Business Information Systems & Processing Division (BISPD)
"We mostly run Mirroring operations on DBMoto, sourcing data from the applications that run on the AS/..."
Larry Romireo
Application Systems Analyst
"DBMoto helps us move our data efficiently and reliably across multiple corporate databases, which all..."
Yivan Enrique Alveo Castillo
Business Intelligence Officer
"Historically, everyone thought of data as an IT responsibility. But we emphasized to them that the bu..."
Andrew Clarkson
Business Intelligence Lead
"The data stewardship process had to change. The BackOffice solution provided us the means to initiate..."
Jim Long
Supply Chain Consultant
"Our objective was to build web-enabled applications that integrated naturally into the SAP NetWeaver..."
Marty Joyce
Director of Applications Management

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