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Backoffice Associates reviews have an aggregate quality score of 4.0/5 based on 73 user ratings

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BackOffice Associates is a worldwide leader in data migration, data stewardship and information governance solutions, with a concentration on enhancing data quality since 1996. BackOffice Associates range of products and services address the needs of business and IT users seeking to unlock the value of BackOffice Associates data assets. Whether monitoring ongoing information quality, or executing the most complex migration and governance initiatives, BackOffice Associates is the clear choice for customers requiring "Business-Ready Data Every Day.

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South Harwich, Massachusetts


Information Technology and Services


Premium Vendor


Database Management, Data Management Platform (DPM), Governance, Risk, Compliance


data modernization, data quality, information governance, data integration, master data management

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Backoffice Associates reviews have an aggregate quality score of 4.0/5 based on 73 ratings.