"We saw how our client managed their projects very effectively in Backlog. From then on, we also start..."
Thang Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer & founder
"At that time, I tried to be a kind of bridge between developers and non-developers. But sooner or lat..."
Takashi Someda
Chief Technology Officer
"Because Github charges per user, it quickly gets expensive, particularly when we’re working with part..."
Marcel Takagi
Vice President of Product
"I felt we needed a tool that was easy to use for everyone in the company and that at the same time wo..."
Jacco Donders
Senior Mechanical Engineer
"In Backlog, it’s easier to change the task status and status of pull requests, etc. So it saves time..."
Pham Viet Duc
Chief Technology Officer
"Before Backlog, it was messy, hard to keep track, lots of emails flying around. Someone replied to th..."
Ng Sim Yen
Assistant Division Manager
"Backlog allows you to store some documentation so that later, rather than raising a new issue again,..."
Beck Chai Moh
Information Systems Manager
"Backlog gave us the capability of managing requests in bulk, which means we are now able to assign an..."
Hisanari Nakashige
Chief Engineer
"The biggest benefits of Backlog are that it can be operated easily by anyone and that you can grasp i..."
Noriyuki Nakano
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer
"Simultaneous work requires a very smooth and clear communication flow between our teams. In order to..."
Chief Executive Officer
"We chose Backlog because it’s user-friendly, easy to track multiple projects, and provides Gantt char..."
Md. Mushtaq
Delivery Manager
"Backlog makes it easy to tell who’s responsible for what within each project. Many project management..."
Yukio Ota
Branch Manager
"Backlog is attractive because even members who are inexperienced with this kind of tool can use it ea..."
Ryosaku Kasahara
Group Director of Planning & Promotion, Web Department
"Before Backlog, information sharing was difficult. New project members experienced information gaps...."
Atsuyuki Matsuda
Global Business Development Manager
"We work with a large number of clients who have never used project management tools before. We tested..."
Shintaro Sugimoto
"When managing projects with Backlog, we communicate within issues, so it’s always clear what we’re ta..."
Rie Ushijima
Sales Group

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