"For our employees, this is a no-brainer. They absolutely love interacting with Communifire. Communifi..."
Rebecca Verhoeff
Executive Vice President/Co-Owner, Best Collateral
"We worked with Axero to tailor the features and user interface to our needs. Communifire comes with m..."
Margot Weiss
Vice President of Editorial and Expert Relations, About.com
"Communifire is used as our corporate intranet across our whole organization. It has improved communic..."
Teresa Miller
President, Treats Unleashed
"Communifire is a powerful tool for both for organizational intranet applications and customer support..."
Col Fink
Engagement Manager, Thought Leaders
"Communifire delivered and has exceeded our expectations. The support team at Axero has been fantastic..."
Paul Ratcliffe
Chief Executive Officer, Patents.com
"Not only is Communifire the ultimate solution, it's extremely cost effective, the after-sales support..."
Cinnamon Alvarez
President, A19
"We fell in love with the Communifire platform during the demo. And we've engaged Axero to do quite a..."
Jennings Staley M.D.
Founder, Nine Line
"After an exhaustive search, it became clear that Communifire was the only choice -- this platform is..."
David Bruce Muir II
President, Element Code
"We are very happy with Communifire and look forward to a long business relationship. The support team..."
Jordan B Leung
Software Analyst, Xennsoft
"Communifire gives my funk band the internet presence that we need to grow our community and fans. Wor..."
Brian Teel
Founder, The Earful
"Communifire connects our teams and organizes our projects. And with the vast amount of data we have c..."
Neelmony Pannu
Senior Consultant, NeGD, Ministry of IT, India
"Communifire is the foundation for running our education network. It allows us to manage courses and t..."
Abhishek Sharma
Co-Founder, Togethr.in
"I couldn't think of any better tool to help us achieve collaboration through knowledge sharing. While..."
Aimee Bacallan
"Communifire has all the SaaS capabilities and benefits you'd expect. Rich features, ready-to-use temp..."
James Chung
Technology Volunteer
"I think of The Hub as the paper of record for the company: if it’s not on The Hub it’s not true...."
Liz Foster
Lead Communications Coordinator
"Communifire gives us everything we need to support over 1000 writers and 250 employees from all over..."
Margot Weiss
Vice President Content Operations

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