"Communifire was easy to customize. Our goal was for customers to want to use it because they found it..."
Chuck Vigeant
Founder, Managing Partner, Clearify
"Communifire provides a platform for our NonProfit to stimulate conversations, cultivate our community..."
Janine Jordan
Executive Director, Electronic Music Alliance
"Not only is Communifire the ultimate solution, it's extremely cost effective, the after-sales support..."
Cinnamon Alvarez
President, A19
"Communifire is the foundation for running our education network. It allows us to manage courses and t..."
Abhishek Sharma
Co-Founder, Togethr.in
"Communifire is used as our corporate intranet across our whole organization. It has improved communic..."
Teresa Miller
President, Treats Unleashed
"Communifire delivered and has exceeded our expectations. The support team at Axero has been fantastic..."
Paul Ratcliffe
CEO, Patents.com
"The Communifire product is a stellar solution. I really wanted to thank you for everything you have d..."
Carlos Oliveira
Senior Director, OpenText
"We deployed Communifre as a community platform for our certification course trainees and graduates. I..."
Art Aughey FDN
Practitioner/ IT Support, Detecting Health, LLC
"We fell in love with the Communifire platform during the demo. And we've engaged Axero to do quite a..."
Jennings Staley M.D.
Founder, Nine Line
"I couldn't think of any better tool to help us achieve collaboration through knowledge sharing. While..."
Aimee Bacallan
"We deployed Communifre as a community platform for our certification course trainees and graduates. I..."
Art Aughey
FDN Practitioner / IT Support
"Customer support with Communifire is one of the best I've experienced on any online platform. My ques..."
Mallory Hatten
Head of Marketing
"The technology is unmatched. The support is excellent, very direct, very fast and very friendly. They..."
Armin Bender
CTO, w3
"The new EMA website has been a game changer! It is dynamic, easy to use and, most importantly, very e..."
Ken Jordan
"Communifire is fast. Really fast. It’s nice to be able to just go in there and have the page pop up,..."
Mike Taber
Co-Owner, Micropreneur Academy
"Communifire gives my funk band the internet presence that we need to grow our community and fans. Wor..."
Brian Teel
Founder, The Earful

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