"If I ever got a call from a former employer or colleague asking for a recommendation, I would have no..."
Robert Sandore
MIS Department, Travelpro
"Automation Anywhere saves us around $14K per year in work hours. But the benefit to employee morale f..."
Robert Rice
IT Report Writer and Programmer, Kalmar RT
"I was surprised by how much the software cost – in a good way. The number of things you can do is imp..."
Steve Greenhill
QA Engineer
"Automation Anywhere does everything that a Managed Transfer Utility program would do at less than a t..."
Greg May
Chief Technology Officer, Paradigm Investment Group
"My team feels comfortable configuring and enabling new formats in IQ Bot. It's a generation ahead of..."
Fortune 500 Company
"I think investment in Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot in the future is essential, as artificial intellig..."
Scott McMahon
Manager, ICT Strategy and Portfolio – Customer and Practice Lead, Robotics and Automation
"You can have a vision, but you can’t push that to the floor. If you prove it to the floor, you can cr..."
Simen Munter
General Manager
"We let operating groups decide where to apply automation...."
Pankajam Sridevi
Managing Director
"RPA has begun to show benefits towards our corporate objectives. Thanks to Thirdware and Automation A..."
Andy Anderson
Chief Information Officer
"We have achieved a 50% increase in customer service efficiency in the branches where front office aut..."
Jorge Ivan Otalvaro
VP Service Delivery and Operations
"We now have the ability to pull document reports across all systems and identify documents associated..."
Leading Freight and Supply Chain Solutions Company
"Accenture has a history of using automation to help our clients capture new business value and our re..."
"Over the past years Automation Anywhere has helped TAM Airlines, now Latam Airlines, by significantly..."
LATAM Airlines
"Automation Anywhere’s deep experience with large enterprise accounts, speed of deployment and global..."
"With Automation Anywhere Enterprise we are able automate processes in just 2 to 4 weeks. The platform..."
Tiago Machado
CoE RPA Leader
"Automating processes with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA platform has helped us increase empl..."
Aloisio Kukolj
RPA Program Manager

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