"The new e-VIMS Web-based application has improved our call center operator's experience and cut call..."
Adam Giles
Contact Center Coordinator, Tenix Solutions
"Now clients can enter the order information directly into our OpenVMS application because Verastream..."
Brad Taylor
Solutions Architect, Eplica
"I’m a big fan of the product. It was relatively simple to deploy. It provided adequate security, and..."
Steve Randlett
Network Administrator, Pharmacy Data Management
"We are very happy with our collaboration with Attachmate. We received careful guidance during the ins..."
Marco Gardini
IT Operations Manager, Fratelli Carli
"We expect that the new system will pay for itself within 1.3 years thanks to increases in the number..."
Stefan Giacomuzzi
IT manager, Credit Suisse
"DATABridge was a strategic investment that is enabling us to meet our long term objectives of improvi..."
Nigel Warnes
IT Technical Services Manager, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society
"The Verastream solution ran so well, we wondered if our monitoring software was working right...."
Matt Timbs
Senior Software Engineer, Edfinancial Services
"It’s rare when you can improve performance and cut costs at the same time. We’ve achieved both with A..."
Ben McLarin
Senior Manager of Information Technology, Baptist Health
"We choose Reflection Suite for X for many reasons. We were especially impressed with the superb X and..."
Wolfgang Ehnert
"After the first steps succeeded, we carried out the entire project with Attachmate, and for further e..."
Johannes Schweickert
Project Manager, GmbH, Germany
"You never know what the future holds and what the situation will be 15 years from now. But from today..."
Volker Kunze
Software Developer
"We’re processing up to 50,000 transactions a day and Verastream doesn’t even blink. It just chugs all..."
Mike Little
Senior Technical Manager, Shea Homes
"Verastream has been easy for our developers to work with. It’s a robust product that has been signifi..."
Irv Schechtman
Director of MIS, Delaware Department of Revenue
"Verastream is especially suited for organizations whose legacy mainframe systems provide mission-crit..."
Kjell Jennstig
Consultant, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young Group
"We expect to save €230,000 in the first year alone. At that rate, we’ll see a return on our investmen..."
Thomas Wysocki
IT Manager, Schulte GmbH
"We had a roughly outlined demand specification, but for the most part, Attachmate was given free rein..."

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