"DATABridge is a great enabler. It has given us the ability to keep our powerful mainframe system and..."
Hans Stocker
Senior Manager for PC Development
"Attachmate has provided bmi with a genuine value-add, and is a trusted advisor in a highly competitiv..."
Chetan Parmar
E-commerce Support Specialist, bmi
"We are very happy with our collaboration with Attachmate. We received careful guidance during the ins..."
Marco Gardini
IT Operations Manager, Fratelli Carli
"Nothing else in the market comes close to the depth of security Reflection currently offers...."
Steve Waters
Vice President of Systems
"Verastream is a jewel. Taking critical data and functionality to other clinical systems is a win-win..."
Cynthia Hyde
CIO, Providence Hospital
"The new e-VIMS Web-based application has improved our call center operator's experience and cut call..."
Adam Giles
Contact Center Coordinator, Tenix Solutions
"In the insurance industry we can’t afford to risk the integrity of our critical legacy data. The beau..."
Lou Balicki
Vice President of Information Systems, Century-National Insurance Company
"FileXpress's centralized auditing, end-to-end automation, streaming of data on the fly, and ease of u..."
Martin Chrusciel
Head of IT Delivery, Hastings Direct
"The bottom line: Motorola’s Mobile AFIS, secured by the technology of Attachmate and Pragma Systems,..."
Anthony Esquivel
Manager, Motorola Networks and Enterprise
"We contacted Attachmate for a number of reasons. The first was its technology, which would allow us t..."
Rob Heis
Business Support Manager
"You never know what the future holds and what the situation will be 15 years from now. But from today..."
Volker Kunze
Software Developer
"We are talking about the transfer of information and security in all our processes. With Attachmate s..."
IT executive
El Puerto de Liverpool, S.A. de C.V.
"Verastream has been easy for our developers to work with. It’s a robust product that has been signifi..."
Irv Schechtman
Director of MIS, Delaware Department of Revenue
"We expect to save €230,000 in the first year alone. At that rate, we’ll see a return on our investmen..."
Thomas Wysocki
IT Manager, Schulte GmbH
"Verastream services are being used in about 90 percent of the tactical projects we’ve delivered in th..."
David Rushton
Technical Design Authority for Tactical Systems, British Telecom Retail
"We choose Reflection Suite for X for many reasons. We were especially impressed with the superb X and..."
Wolfgang Ehnert

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