"Our solve rate is up 13%, and technical debt is down significantly thanks to increased communication..."
Doug Squires
Senior Manager, Customer Care
"Confluence is an awesome wiki, but that’s not all. It’s an awesome intranet. It can be an awesome por..."
Ethan Foulkes
Business Development
"HipChat connects us to numerous external platforms and services like JIRA, Bamboo, and GitHub, tying..."
Mike Hansen
Senior VP of Engineering
"Atlassian ecosystem is a big benefit for a team like ours, that's collaborating across geographical l..."
Dave Mittman
Lead Software Developer
"JIRA is extremely extensible, making integration with other systems very simple...."
Victor Rodrigues
Chief Software Engineer
"This year we’re starting to realize some economies of scale and Confluence is helping us with that, a..."
Evan Maridou
Senior Manager of Operations
"JIRA adoption across the company is becoming wider and wider. It’s fast, reliable, and has the level..."
Claudio Ombrella
Senior Manager, Engineering Systems and Infrastructure
"Confluence helps us capture and share information, efficiently and quickly, across the company...."
Scott Johnston
"Managing cross-team communication while growing at the rate we have is challenging – we’ve quickly go..."
Justen Stepka
Director of Product Management
"We wanted to remain as flexible and agile at the team level as we could...."
Steve Graykowski
Director of Program Management
"With Atlassian, we have Dev and Ops on a single platform...."
Julian Dunn
Product Manager
"In agile, face-to-face communication is ideal, but that’s not possible for us. Instead, we rely on Hi..."
Jamie Whitehouse
Software Developer
"Stash has made it possible for us to have enterprise controls and the flexibility of Git open-source..."
Alex Holtz
Senior Software Engineer
"With nearly 16,000 users, 2,500+ projects, and 1.3+ million issues, we're using Atlassian products at..."
Armin Mayrhofer
Product Manager
"JIRA is a useful visualization tool for keeping track of how tasks are progressing. Team members can..."
Bintou Loum
Digital Content Head of Steering
"Jira speeds up the adoption of agile methods and values, genuine steering framework...."
Skander Essid
Technical Manager of The Marketing Division

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