"Together FleetFocus and KeyValet have allowed us to improve the service that we offer our customers...."
Bryan Flansburg
Director of Transportation Services
"Our mission has always been to provide the best possible public transit services that get people on t..."
Colleen Duke
Metro Transit Division Department of Transportation
"Recently we were able to recommend a new technology for police vehicles to encourage additional fuel..."
Kelly Reagan
Fleet Administrator
"Technology has made the job of a fleet manager much easier. We view this as a tool that helps us serv..."
George Hrichak
Fleet Manager
"The quickest answer may have been to simply draw a line in the sand and force departments to get rid..."
Steve Weidner
Fleet Manager
"Using FuelFocus will help us automate many of those previously manual processes. It’s all about doing..."
Lloyd Brierley
Director of Fleet Services
"I think you will see more automation from the vehicles, and in turn communicating with the fleet syst..."
Chuck Wolverton
Fleet/Fuel Systems Administrator
"This process has made it so much easier for shop staff. the supervisor can manage the alert for them..."
Jason Allen
Systems Administrator
"One of the other things that we are finding that is beneficial for us is that we are teaching all the..."
Troy Beam
Transit and Fleet Manager
"After starting the notifications, Keith, our Coordinator for the shop, had some communication with th..."
Aaron Kotila
Shop Supervisor
"It [the system] works great and he gets a lot of compliments from the staff about the effectiveness o..."
Keith Blank
Shop Coordinator
"I get wayyy too many emails. To estimate, I probably get 10-15 phone calls and 60-70 emails...."
Shawn Smithson
Section Manager, Fleet Info & Fuel Systems
"To me, AMP has so much potential. When you think of its role in what we’re doing as far as insuring s..."
Jeff Bitz
Program Director
"AssetWorks values their employees and fosters a culture of innovation from within. Employees are trus..."
Dan Brennan
Vice President of Technology
"The system has made the biggest difference in reducing overtime and increasing employee efficiency...."
Melissa Coleman
IT Project Manager
"The State of New Mexico is now at the forefront of increasing worker productivity in maintenance whil..."
Ed Burckle
GDS Cabinet Secretary

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