"Together FleetFocus and KeyValet have allowed us to improve the service that we offer our customers...."
Bryan Flansburg
Director of Transportation Services
"Using AssetWorks FuelFocus™ and FleetFocus™ together offers complete reporting which we allow custome..."
John Clements
Manager, Fleet Operations
"Seeing the reports creates a positive level of competition in the shop and keeps the techs motivated..."
Michael Lindsey
Division Director
"We were using FleetFocus fleet management software from AssetWorks to run the fleet but we wanted to..."
Keith Leech
Fleet Manager
"Technology has made the job of a fleet manager much easier. We view this as a tool that helps us serv..."
George Hrichak
Fleet Manager
"As a supervisor, you see things and have intuition that something might need improvement. FleetFocus..."
Caleb Pierce
Mechanic Supervisorr
"Fuel is the single biggest improvement we have made at the City of Austin. FuelFocus gives us the add..."
Bruce Kilmer
Business Systems Analyst Supervisor
"AssetWorks Allocation and Assignment module allows fleet and asset managers to create assignment reco..."
United States's Federal Organization
"You find out how critical your fleet management software is the first time your organization has a ne..."
Mitch Guenthart
Fleet Manager
"We think eRIMS is great, but don’t just take our word for it!..."
Tim Hallice
Director of Risk Management
"The eQuip! system is easy to use, and intuitive. It allows Property Custodians to learn a new system..."
Tharus Bradely
CPPA, Government Property Administrator
"They’re supportive. they are all technical shop mechanics and managers and work together on process i..."
Sarah Sabastro
Senior Fleet Systems Administrator
"AssetWorks support services are tremendous. If we stub our toe, we get a solution. And it doesn’t tak..."
Bob Boyd
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
"It’s been staggering. Because of improvements in our PM processes, we’re not getting as many ‘too hot..."
Rick Finden
Associate Director of Plant Operations
"AiM is also extremely user-friendly; especially when you consider that many of our tradespeople are o..."
Michele Janiel
Budget Manager
"Whether in a meeting or on a job site, with a customer or a project team member, Go has helped us out..."
Mitch Walley
Director of Construction Management

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