"Asana enables our team to manage the grunt work, keeping everyone happy and on task so we can spend l..."
Zachary Rosen
Owner, Mission Bicycle
"Our Customer Success Manager helped us get organized around projects like we never have before...."
Matt Turzo
Senior Operations Manager, Lyft
"The corporate marketing team supports over 1,000 events every year, from major trade shows to demand..."
Dawn Jensen
Global Senior Program Marketing Manager
"With Asana, we’ve become more collaborative overall. There’s one project and everybody’s on it. It’s..."
Julia Bersin
Senior Manager of Demand Generation
"The free time Asana gives us allows us to do more projects, close more deals, create great marketing..."
Dalton Gilgor
Account Development Manager
"We get five times more done per person than companies 10 times bigger than us and relatively stress-f..."
Brett Gurewitz
Chief Executive Officer, COO
"Town Hall is a company-wide event during which our CEO answers questions submitted by the company. Pe..."
Jina Kim
"We grew 270% last year, and we’ll do another 200% this year, if not more. Asana has given us the infr..."
Max Doyle
Founder and Managing Director
"We have been able to reduce the number of products that we’ve oversold and the number of times we hav..."
Andrea Georgi
E-Commerce Director
"Asana has helped with identifying blockers for launches—things we often don’t think about until the v..."
Anita Akella
Director of Product Development
"Data entry was a huge time suck, but we thought, ‘If we move this to Asana, it’s flexible enough to e..."
Whitney Gantt
Director of Production
"Now that we’re all managing our work in Asana, everyone is in sync and we have a single source of tru..."
Deneb Petterson
Clas Ohlson
"With Asana, the knowledge belongs to our organization and not just to the people who are creating it...."
Martin Viessmann
"Digital transformation is core to the company’s next hundred years...."
"Asana is a great solution for collaborative project management. And the flying animations, as rewards..."
Arthur Auffret-Cariou
Planning & Development Lead
"We have a number of teachers tell us they quit their jobs to teach exclusively on Skillshare...."
Abigail Besdin

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