"Again, all the features people are so used to doing via their device can be done in the Aptify Web mo..."
Reggie Henry
Chief Information Officer
"When we went live with Aptify, one of the things that we found out pretty quickly is that the fundrai..."
Richard Wollenberger
IT Director
"Getting to our next version software was a tremendous undertaking, but relying on the robust Aptify p..."
Brian Gibson
Chief Operating Officer, Publishing Applications
"We realized we were sending 1.8 million emails to our member per year, which basically means every ot..."
Rachael Bell
Digital Communications Manager
"Aptify users of all skill levels can now implore the Random List Trick to help quickly import and exp..."
Jonathan Hill
Volunteer Coordinator
"The biggest benefit from Aptify is in relation to the data analysis and the information we can pull a..."
Craig Elliott
Chief Financial Officer
"The beauty of Aptify is that the technology makes a view so easily. I think that’s what separates it..."
Hassana Howe
Parenteral Drug Association
"With the new system in place, the ADA’s e-Commerce system has flourished. It has integrated e-Commerc..."
Toni Mark
Chief Technology Officer
"We faced three major challenges while we were creating our in-house solution. First, ASA had to keep..."
Sharlyne Tsai
Director of Information Technology
"Just as the Society began a strategic initiative to boost member engagement, Aptify AMS offered a pow..."
Carolyn Hook
Membership/Operations Director
"We wanted to be able to create something that the staff could utilize to create all the nomination fo..."
Jason Paganessi
Vice President, Business Innovation
"The Institute is starting to see the most unbelievable efficiencies and time savers. It used to take..."
Noel Rowland
Chief Executive Officer
"Managing our events is so much easier now. I never want to create a set of function sheets again with..."
Judy Bausch, CMP
Manager, Conferences
"Again, all the features people are so used to doing via their device can be done in the Aptify Web mo..."
Debbie Hanger
Director of Database Administration
"[The staff] got excited about the system. They actually took ownership and were asking for more featu..."
Jeff Boyer
Application Developer
"Another benefit we’ve seen, is we are able to have more of the election under our control. We can set..."
Fran Tucker
Information Technology Manager

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