"Early results show the [iOS/mobile app] is already having a positive impact on patient conversion rat..."
Barry Somervell
Sr. VP of Sales & Business Development, Kindred Healthcare
"At Facebook, we take pride in how quickly we deliver innovation and changes in our applications, and..."
Cole Jimison
Technology Partner, Facebook
"What we really wanted to do, was take that strong sense of home, and be able for [students, faculty,..."
Doug Little
Senior Assistant Dean & Director of Academic Affairs, Georgetown University
"Our Product Testing solution empowers brands with an interactive environment to get product feedback..."
Brian Bednarek
"Just as we worked very hard to determine the right CRM platform, we also worked very hard to determin..."
John R. Merrell
SVP, Global Corporate Client Group
"With the Appirio Crowdsourcing Community, Honeywell can leverage talent from anywhere worldwide and r..."
Datta Godbole
"We are thrilled that Appirio has been recognized as a Salesforce Fullforce Solution partner and is he..."
Kori O’Brien
Senior Vice President, Partner Marketing & Solutions
"The Customer Experience (CX) for any nonprofit is really three-fold. There’s the experience of the in..."
Claude Edkins
Principal Consultant
"It’s important to connect emotionally with our customer and to create memorable moments...."
Tony Kaplan
Director of Consumer Experience
"11 production plants in the world. Every plant was doing HR processes completely decentralised, and t..."
Stephan Peterhans
Group CFO and Group Head of HR
"Everything we do, we do from a people perspective. It needs to be easy, agile, and intuitive...."
John Davisi
Senior Director of People Operations
"Working with Appirio was less like employing an outside firm and more like engaging an extremely enth..."
Amy Cisneroz
Program Manager, Virgin America
"The real transformation that we’ve experienced with Salesforce and Appirio is bringing technology, pe..."
Mark Ploof
Chief Customer Experience Officer
"Appirio has brought a lot to the table, complementing our teams both on the business side and the tec..."
"Workday brings real self-service into the company. for the employees it’s much more easy to work than..."
Michael Kain
Assistant Head of HR
"I don’t think there are that many vendors out there who understand the real needs of nonprofits when..."
Chris Thomas
Chief Innovation Officer

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