"The MailChimp integration announcement yielded a 60% adoption rate, with thousands of users convertin..."
Peter Clark
Head of Growth
"We've found that users getting through the Appcues onboarding sequence have higher median retention r..."
Morgan Brown
"Through our modals with Appcues, we see a 3x higher conversion rate that we would see through a cross..."
Max Blaha
Product Manager
"Once we saw that we were getting amazing completion rates of 70%—or more—just for the onboarding flow..."
Omer Linhard
Product Growth Manager
"This has made my life so much easier! It's great to be able to release modals and announcements witho..."
Zareen Ahmad
Community Manager
"We have been taking some time to build better onboarding experiences for our clients. This is critica..."
Nancy Hensley
Chief Digital Officer
"Product Led Growth is about prioritizing the user experience which inevitably leads to faster growth,..."
Kyle Poyar
Vice President Market Strategy
"Product-led growth changes how companies grow because it brings a focus on how the product you've bui..."
Hiten Shah
"From a customer success standpoint, it was amazing to see that our users were not only initiating App..."
Lawrence Barreca
Customer Success Technical Content Manager
"Implementing Appcues has overall impacted our support requests with a 22% reduction in support ticket..."
Amanda Borer
Director of Client Relations
"With Appcues, We are solving usability challenges for our users and offering a self-serve option empo..."
Sara Maskivish
Vice President of Client Success
"We added a new feature to our Social module that allows users to publish videos with captions to soci..."
Kirsten Robinson
Senior Director, User Experience
"In my time using Appcues, it has been incredibly intuitive to use. From creating my first test flow,..."
Ryan Mitchell
Customer Support Manager
"If there’s a new requirement or we want to experiment quickly, Appcues is our first choice. As a prod..."
Markus Hafellner
Product Manager
"We understood that there were problems with the UX and with the onboarding itself—so we understood ho..."
Yoav Aziz
Vice President of Growth
"Collecting all this feedback through Appcues helps us build a demo environment our users really want..."
Iselin Johnsen
Product Manager

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