"Amplitude is such a step up from other analytics platforms we have tried. Now we can answer questions..."
Zouhair Belkoura
Founder & CEO
"Compared to traditional analytics, Amplitude takes a unique, user-centric approach. We can finally se..."
Laurie Dewan
VP of Monetization, Rdio
"Amplitude allows us to get feedback from all our players based on how they’re behaving. That’s the co..."
Steven Jian
CTO & Cofounder, Rocket Games
"There are so many tools out there which offer analytical options, but none of them come close to the..."
Iago Novoa
Head of Business Intelligence
"Amplitude has helped us understand our users, and that’s helped form a lot of our product decisions a..."
Trenton Huey
Head of Analytics
"You feel like Amplitude is on your side. They want you to have success and get results, as opposed to..."
Alex Tew
Founder & CEO
"Our Product Managers are using Amplitude to monitor release launches and AB test results. Portfolio d..."
Alex Bowler
Product Analyst
"Amplitude creates such a strong peace of mind for me as a taxonomy owner and downstream consumer of a..."
Maura Church
Head of Data Science
"Instead of people bugging us on a daily basis to have basic data, now they have the ability to dive d..."
Salma Tabatabaee
Digital Analyst
"Analysis with Amplitude is so fast. We run a report, have the answer, and can run an immediate follow..."
Daniel Wolchonok
Head of Product Analytics
"Amplitude gives us tools that PMs and non-analysts can use to do 90% of the stuff they need to, allow..."
Shane Hall
Internal Data Literacy and Communication
"Amplitude empowers product managers and other team members to understand our data and answer question..."
Alice Benzinger
Internal Data Literacy and Communication
"We heavily use Amplitude’s Pathfinder and user activity streams to get in the heads of our users and..."
Michelle Morrison
Leads Creative Strategy and Operations
"For the first time, developers, QA people, product owners and growth hackers were very excited about..."
Alex Métier
Senior Manager of Digital Analytics
"You can't grow your business effectively without product analytics. We love the depth of insight we g..."
Joel Witten
Head of Venmo Data and Analytics

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