"Through strong collaboration, the TELUS and Amdocs teams delivered a turnkey online invoice managemen..."
Steve Fast
VP of Development and Support, TELUS
"Amdocs has been a strategic MetroPCS partner whose services and solutions supported our latest milest..."
John Olsen
"Open Mobile has become one of the first LTE service providers in Latin America thanks to the smooth a..."
Edgar Jaen
Data Services Engineering Director
"By working with Amdocs, we will gain more control over billing, data, provisioning and integration wi..."
Amy Tykeson
President and CEO
"Very rapid time to market, access to a global staff of telecommunications experts, cost-benefits and..."
Dave Dobbin
President and CEO
"I’ve seen technology come and go. Suppliers tend to fall down when they focus on the features and not..."
Graham Woodward
Consumer and Real Time Marketing Specialist
"Enel is getting a clear technology edge with Amdocs CRM, with minimal risk and maximum gain. For exam..."
Guido Valle
CRM Project Manager
"Amdocs clearly know their stuff, and that gives me confidence that we can implement customer life-cyc..."
Von Wright
VP of IT Strategy and Planning
"ECOMP is the engine of our software-centric network. And recently, we revealed our plan to build a gl..."
Chris Rice
VP of Advanced Technologies and Architecture
"Three aims continue to evolve and innovate with Amdocs by our side. Working together, we will be very..."
Stephen Reidy
Chief Information Officer
"We Selected Amdocs' consulting and implementation services in order to ensure rollout of this new bro..."
Luigi Longarini
CIO, TIM Brasil
"We expect to achieve greater efficiencies and increase our competitive advantage by offering our cust..."
Tony Butler
CEO, Cable Bahamas
"Amdocs brings unique expertise to early day ECOMP projects like ours because of their early involveme..."
Alain Maloberti
Senior Vice-President
"We’re successful on that front in large part thanks to extraordinary suppliers like Amdocs that consi..."
Tim Harden
President of AT&T Supply Chain and Fleet Operations
"Whether in person, over the phone or online, we want to make sure that every interaction with our cus..."
Wu Choy Peng
Group Chief Information Officer
"We couldn’t be happier. Within three months, Amdocs succeeded ¡n digitalizing our ¡n-store experience..."
General Manager

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