"We implemented Ambition to help drive consistent Salesforce behavior - it's worked great. We saw our..."
Matt Waters
Director of Sales North America
"Creates a high level of transparency, keeps reps accountable and helped me run my most effective sale..."
Abraham Brandstetter
Outside Sales Manager
"All too often, I install sales tools that appear great, but the actual functionality just isn't there..."
Eric White
Director of Sales Operations, VorsightBP
"Metrics used to have a really negative connotation here. Managers were seen as ‘micro-managers’ and e..."
Mary Judge
Sales Manager
"Ambition updates faster than any competitor. Raised monthly sales meetings 300% in our first 6 months..."
Mark Christman
Biz Dev Manager
"I enjoy how easy Ambition is to configure. There aren't any hidden settings. What you see is what you..."
Christopher Cardenas
Network Security Admin
"After launching Ambition, Clayton Homes saw an 18% spike in outbound calls and 200% increase in quali..."
Ethan Bernstein
Harvard Business Review Author
"We needed a good real-time reporting system to track rep sales activities. We also wanted to drive re..."
Travis Huff
"We purchased Ambition because we wanted to change the culture on our sales floor, specifically so tha..."
Jay Tuel
Vice President of Sales
"Ambition is definitively and objectively superior to comparable products. A much, much better experie..."
Gradie Oakes
Director of Sales Innovation
"In previous sales contests, there was no way to even the playing field for inside sales reps versus f..."
Lauren Hopson
Head of Commercial for the Tissue Diagnostics Franchise
"Ambition not only increased productivity and morale, it gave us the ability to re-focus team efforts..."
Matt Baum
Director of Sales
"Ambition is an easy way to get metric visibility from multiple systems, create performance goals and..."
Jared Moore
General Manager
"For the first time, my reps understood how their efforts directly impacted the sales process — and wh..."
VP of Sales
"For the first time, my reps understood how their efforts directly impacted the sales process — and wh..."
Sanjiv Sharma
Senior Analyst
"We are always trying to streamline and automate our sales processes. Ambition has saved us several ho..."
Zack Wing
VP of Sales Technology and Operations

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