"We implemented a legacy search technology 5 years ago and had been trying to tweak it to fit our grow..."
Vincent Paulin
R&D manager, A Little Market
"Shipments going around the globe can change status several times within a single day. With Algolia’s..."
Andrew Chan
Co-Founder and CMO, AfterShip
"Algolia's average response time to a support ticket is just a few hours whereas any ticket submitted..."
Teddy Chan
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Office
"Algolia allows us to provide our users with lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search no matter where our..."
Martin Balas
"Fast and reliable search is a critical component to Strava's mission. Algolia has been a valuable par..."
Alex Macintosh
Product Manager, Growth
"Algolia enables nonprofits like Idealist to make use of the most powerful technology to connect our u..."
Ami Dar
Founder & CEO
"Not many search engines allow you to refresh the entire results set at every single keystroke...."
Nicolas Chikhani
VP of Product Management
"Search is a core experience for us, and it’s a hard problem to solve...."
Beno Mathew
Director of Engineering
"Algolia search speeds are incredibly fast and the results are highly relevant to our users, two eleme..."
Patrick Metzger
Associate Director of Product
"Algolia has become so mission critical for navigating our application that users instantly notice whe..."
Desmond Brand
Engineering Manager
"Intelligent, multifaced search meaningfully improves the user experience of global trade...."
Michael Chen
Software Engineer
"At Flexport we've re-designed freight forwarding with a modern technology stack. Our team combines th..."
Ryan Petersen
Chief Executive Officer
"Customers are quickly finding the products that they are looking for, and we are seeing the benefits...."
Matt Byers
Sr. Director of Technology
"Algolia’s federated search helps us facilitate seamless customer experiences by empowering our employ..."
Brit Atilano
Program Manager, IT Operations
"As the largest marketplace for sneakers, we strive to make it as easy as possible for 8 million GOAT..."
Andy Shin
Chief Technology Officer
"What we really like about Algolia is that, from an operational standpoint, it just works -- not a sin..."
Matthias Spycher
Chief Architect

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